2019 Buyer’s Guide: Digital Risk Protection Solutions

Every company, no matter its size, struggles with developing cyber intelligence capabilities that keep pace with the evolving ways and means of cybercriminals. Monitoring for fraud, misuse or loss of your digital data and assets, and the downstream risks of fraud and abuse, can be a daunting task. With a Digital Risk Protection (DRP) solution, you can manage the risks to your digital assets outside your network perimeter – across the open, deep, and dark web

5 Times Matchlight Could Have Saved The Day

Megabreaches are becoming increasingly more common and expensive. Our latest ebook, 5 Times Matchlight saved the day, contains 5 retroactive case studies-on the impacts cyber incidents have to your business and bottomline. Download “5 Times Matchlight Could Have Saved The Day” to get insight around the impacts that mega-level data exposures have incurred and how you can avoid the same mistakes.

A Buyer’s Guide to Dark Web Monitoring

The shadowy side of the Internet is home to an illicit economy where stolen corporate data and personal information are hot commodities, attracting buyers looking to open fake accounts, expose software vulnerabilities, steal intellectual property, or commit other types of fraud. This Buyer’s Guide outlines the questions that companies should ask themselves when developing a dark-web monitoring strategy.

Avenues to Compromise: An Intro to Data Exfiltration and Post Breach Management

In this white paper, Terbium Labs looks at the most popular vectors of compromise. We will trace how information is exfiltrated, and discuss what can be done to protect shareholder value and mitigate damages in the event of a data breach.

Shady Business: Commoditization of Data in the Dark Web Economy

Assessing risk from sensitive data exposure requires a new framework that complements current approaches to data governance and classification. This report examines the underground data trade, investigates the shady business side of dark web operations, and challenges existing ideas about data valuation.

Trends and Projections in the Dark Web Data Trade

Sensitive data had a very bad year in 2018. While privacy regulations rose around the world, data leaked ever steadily from trusted retailers, agencies, and platforms. With the increasing velocity and volume of milestone breaches, what drives the underground economy for data on dark web markets?

Understanding the Shape of the Dark Web Economy

In order to understand the dark web, it is necessary to not just understand the content of the system but also how the websites, users, and activities on the dark web are connected to each other. Discover how these connections and a holistic approach to the dark web ecosystem can give us valuable information about how to monitor it effectively.