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Third-party Product Augmentation and Data Integration

Integrate customizable Matchlight data of full page content into third-party products or analytics, such as third-party risk scoring or consumer protection businesses, which require a source of raw dark web data for natural language processing and alerting.

For customers or industry partners looking to receive raw dark web data directly, Terbium Labs offers its Unstructured Data Pipe. This product provides the complete, raw source code of any dark web pages or documents crawled by Matchlight, filtered by a pre-programmed set of criteria and in real time.

Terbium’s Data Pipe can deliver to clients anything from the contents of specific URLs, all the way to Matchlight’s entire crawl of hundreds of gigabytes per day. For most clients, data pipes are configured to return the contents of all web pages or documents matching on client-provided selectors. Selectors may be in the form of keywords, regular expressions, or other functions.

The data returned will be in the form of the raw source code of the document or web page selected, with no post-processing by Terbium.