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Employee and Customer Credential Monitoring

Find out quickly and privately if data originating from your organization appears, augmenting both incident response and risk mitigation. Receive automated analyst reports that provide context, cut through the noise, and follow up when data is identified.

Using Matchlight, organizations place one-way fuzzy hashes (“Data Fingerprints”) of their data under monitoring, and Terbium’s large scale, automated crawler privately scans the dark web for the appearance of that sensitive data. Non-public sensitive data never leaves the corporate network, addressing concerns of third-party data exposure and liability.

When a match is found on the dark web, Terbium’s team of analysts evaluates the sensitivity, uniqueness, and frequency of exposure. If a match surpasses an established threshold, an analyst generates a priority alert. On a monthly basis, analysts use custom analytics to assess the change in an organization’s risk profile, using the exposure of account and corporate data on the dark web as a metric for better evaluating data exposure risk. Over the reporting period, the custom reports describe context, provide analytics, and visualize how exposure of sensitive data on the dark web poses a specific risk to an organization.