Use Case: Security & Threat Intelligence

Continuously Monitor, Detect, and Respond to Digital Risks

No matter what industry you’re in, your data and digital assets are constantly at risk. Because of the ongoing cyber threats to your information, your brand, and your corporate reputation, it’s important to monitor the digital risks facing your employee private data, customer private data, and corporate proprietary data. You could rely on notifications from third parties that your breached data has been discovered, or you can proactively work to identify your breached data and other fraud materials that could enable criminal exploits targeting your company, your staff, or you customers.

IT security professionals face persistent and increasingly complex cyber threats and need to be armed with the tools to protect digital assets from risks across the open, deep, and dark web. With Matchlight, your IT security and operations team can efficiently identify your organization’s most sensitive data and digital assets and proactively monitor for cyber risks to those assets. The Matchlight solution fuses data science, machine learning, and expert analysts and immediately alerts you to threats like data breaches and misuse, fraud guides, brand and executive impersonations, criminal mobile apps, and more. An easy-to-use dashboard continually prioritizes your greatest risks and, backed with expert human intelligence, delivers recommendations for remediation actions that will save your data, protect your reputation, uphold your customers’ trust, and enable your business to grow.

62% of SMBs don’t have an up-to-date cybersecurity strategy in place.*

*Source: Vistage Cyberthreats and solutions for small and midsize businesses (2018)

Is Your Security Team Prepared for Data Loss?

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How Matchlight Helps Protect Your Organization from Risk

Matchlight’s Digital Risk Protection solution provides comprehensive monitoring of your sensitive information and digital assets that pose the greatest risk of misuse, fraud, and loss. Monitor and detect if your customer and employee personal information, including social security numbers and credit card numbers, are exposed across the web. And immediately identify misuse or fraud of your executives, brand, and corporate identities.

Use Matchlight to de-risk your security program, including:

Fraud Detection

Monitor the open, deep, and dark web for templates, guides,