Use Case: Retail & eCommerce

Protect Your Customers and Their Sensitive Data

In the retail industry, sensitive consumer data, like credit card numbers, physical address, and date of birth, is exchanged regularly during transactions. Due to the sensitive and valuable nature of this type of data, bad actors target your systems and exploit customers, injecting card skimming code onto your checkout pages and creating digital risk for you across the open, deep, and dark web. Unfortunately, your digital risk does not end on the web as brick and mortar locations can blame payment skimmers for almost one-third of reported data breaches.

Consumers continue to do business, both online and in retail establishments, assuming businesses will make every effort to protect their data. Keep their confidence and their business with proactive tools to address growing threats.

Matchlight helps you detect digital risk across the open, deep, or dark web. Whether it’s payment card data stolen at checkout, counterfeit mobile apps defrauding your customers, or a domain impersonating your brand to capture your customer and partner data, or to sell fake products—we provide actionable insights and recommendations that will help you respond rapidly and appropriately. Matchlight gives you real-time intelligence to minimize digital risks to your brand and preserve your customers’ trust.

Retail data breaches increased 2.5 times in 2018 over the previous year, and 26% of retailers reported being breached more than once.*

*Source: Homeland Security Today Retail Sector Unprepared for Increasingly Sophisticated Cyber Attacks (2019)

Is Your Retail Business Prepared for Data Loss?

Explore Matchlight to see how we protect your brand, your reputation, and your business.

How Matchlight Helps Protect Your Organizations from Digital Risk

Matchlight’s Digital Risk Protection solution provides comprehensive monitoring of your sensitive information and digital assets that have the greatest risk of misuse, resulting in fraud and loss.

Monitor your customer and employee personal information, including social security and credit card numbers, and detect their exposure across the web. Matchlight will immediately identify and alert you to misuse or fraud of your executives, brand, and corporate identities.

Use Matchlight to Minimize Digital Risks to Your Business, including:

Fraud Detection

Continuously monitor the open, deep, and dark web for malicious activities targeted at defrauding your employees, customers, and partners. Mat