Use Case: Healthcare


Securing data within the healthcare industry is a complex process. The most sensitive personal patient data needs to be kept current, accessible by numerous parties in the healthcare network, and protected—all at the same time. The complexity of these technical requirements leaves room for error—accidental and bad actors both internally and externally alike.

The sensitive nature of healthcare data amplifies the risk and impact of digital exposure. When breaches occur, 79 percent of targeted data is medical, 37 percent is personal, and 4 percent is related to payment information. For healthcare organizations, acting fast is paramount when a breach occurs so you can mitigate damage to patients, employees, and your organization. [source: Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigations Reports, 11th Edition]

The security of your patient records is a basic and essential business need. Matchlight provides a completely private process to continuously monitor and detect for digital risk exposure, powered by our proprietary fingerprinting technology, the power of data science, and analysts dedicated to your business. Our platform strengthens your security teams and digital risk protection plans with accurate, immediate alerts—reducing noise and dwell time.

The consequences of data loss for the healthcare industry is intensifying, with increasing regulation forcing companies to solidify privacy and protection policies for their ePHI, rapidly respond to threats and loss, and report incidents in a timely fashion. Failure to comply not only results in significant fines but also a tarnished reputation, declining customer trust, and loss of shareholder value.

If your organization is in Healthcare, you will spend $429 per stolen data record, 3x more than any other sector.*

*Source: IBM Study Shows Data Breach Costs on the Rise; Financial Impact Felt for Years (2019)

Is Your Healthcare Organization Prepared for Data Loss?

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How Matchlight Manages Healthcare Digital Risk

Matchlight’s Digital Risk Protection solution provides comprehensive monitoring across all of your sensitive information and digital assets that pose the greatest risk of misuse, fraud, and loss. Monitor and detect if your patient and employee personal information, including medical records and credit card numbers, are exposed across the web; and immediately identify misuse or fraud of your executives, brand, and corporate identities.

Use Matchlight to de-risk your healthcare operations business, including:

Data Loss Detection

Don’t wait to be notified of a data breach by a third party—a process that can take weeks or months. Continually monitor the dark web and other malicious sites for your intellectual propert