Use Case: Financial Services


The financial services industry continues to be a high-value target for cyber criminals, and with 927 incidents and 207 confirmed data breaches in 2018, it continues to be one of the most attacked industries.* Criminals will always go where the money is, and the industry is characterized by highly digital and interconnected processes that move money from point A to point B. This highly advanced digital business structure results in a high degree of digital risk.

At risk are user credentials, personal information, and financial information, not to mention the contents of the financial accounts themselves. The mechanisms for attack continue to evolve, as physical methods like ATM skimming are on the decline and digital methods are on the rise, with fraudulent mobile apps and websites phishing both customer and employee information to open the vaults.

The consequences of data loss for financial services providers are intensifying, with increasing regulation forcing companies to solidify privacy and protection policies, rapidly respond to threats and loss, and report incidents in a timely fashion. Failure to comply results in significant fines and more: it results in a tarnished reputation, declining customer trust, and loss of shareholder value.


of data breaches in the financial industry are financially motivated.

*Source: Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (2019)

Is Your Financial Institution Prepared for Data Loss?

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How Matchlight Helps Manage Digital Risk in the Financial Services Sector

Matchlight’s Digital Risk Protection solution provides comprehensive monitoring across all of your sensitive information and digital assets that pose the greatest risk of misuse, fraud, and loss. Monitor and detect if your customer and employee personal information—including social security numbers and credit card numbers—are exposed across the web. And immediately identify misuse or fraud of your executives, brand, and corporate identities.

Use Matchlight to de-risk your financial services business, including:

Fraud Detection

Monitor the open, deep, and dark web for templates, guides, and other fraud materials that assist a criminal to exploit your company’s products or services.