Fraud Detection

Arm Your Team with Real-Time Fraud Detection Alerts

Cybercriminals are always mining for vulnerabilities in your systems or with your human capital, searching for ways to get their hands on your sensitive data. Fraud guides and templates help bad actors share information among themselves on ways to gain access to your internal systems. Fraudulent accounts, spoofed domains, and otherwise impersonated identities can fool your employees into opening a door to outsiders. No matter the bad action, the end result is the same: your data gets out and your company is exposed to risk that can result in fines, lost revenue, a tarnished reputation, and customer churn. 

You can mitigate the impact of a data breach by monitoring for fraudulent materials and evidence of fraud on the open, deep, and dark web. Rapidly removing tools, compromised data, and fraudulent accounts and identities will allow you to keep pace with threats targeted at your business and minimize the impacts of cybercrime. Matchlight Fraud Detection monitors for evidence of fraud, alerts your team in real time, and provides recommendations so that they can optimize resources and effort to mitigate the most critical risks first.

CEO fraud is now a $12 billion scam, according to FBI statistics.*

*Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Business E-mail Compromise The 12 Billion Dollar Scam (2018)

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Supercharge Your Security Without the Added Headcount

Add the power of a dedicated, experienced, and successful security team without the cost of additional headcount. This means that your organization and analyst will have the right information to make the right decisions in real time.

Minimize Risk

Strengthen fraud detection processes by rapidly identifying compromised user credentials that are being used to fuel automated credential replay attacks. By applying Matchlight’s recommendations, you have time to mitigate damage and make the fraud ineffective.

Mitigate Reputational Damage

Recover trust and mitigate reputational damage by acting immediately to alerts on your compromised data, reducing data misuse.

Takedown of Fraudulent Accounts, Information, and Sites on Your Behalf

Terbium fraud experts can initiate and manage the takedown process on your behalf to rapidly shut down impersonating social media accounts, criminal domains, and fraudulent mobile apps from those operators.

Matchlight Helps You Mitigate Fraud and Misuse

Protect Your Executives Against Doxing

Safeguard executive and VIP accounts from doxing across social media sites, and across the open, deep, and dark web.

Defend Against Account Takeovers and Impersonations

Continuously monitor and defend against fraudulent or malicious activities, taking down domains, social media accounts, and pages on your behalf.

Private Data Stays Private—Even from Us

Securely monitor executive personal data with our digital fingerprinting, gaining peace of mind without increasing your attack surface.

Prevent Targeted Exploitation

Monitor for anti-wealth sentiments and hacktivism, targeting key individuals across social media and the open, deep, and dark web.

Matchlight® Simplifies Digital Risk Protection

Download the Matchlight® Datasheet to explore why Matchlight is the right solution for safeguarding your organizations digital assets.


Digital Risk Protection Buyer's Guide

Understand the capabilities your organization needs to reduce your digital risk exposure from data loss, potential threats to your organization, brand misuse and fraud.

Fraud Guides 101: Dark Web Lessons on How to Defraud Companies and Exploit Data

In this research, Terbium Labs investigates dark web fraud guides to create a detailed, first-hand account of the illicit educational wing of the dark web.

Matchlight Solution Overview

Matchlight simplifies digital risk protection by detecting and remediating your company’s exposed data through ongoing monitoring of your digital assets, providing robust analytics.