Executive/VIP Monitoring

Understand the cyber threats to your executives and VIPs

The C-suite, including executives and Board members, are high-value targets for any hacker looking to access company information through phishing scams or using an executive’s identity to cause online havoc to a company’s brand. It’s critical to know when bad actors misrepresent your executives and VIPs, attempting to discredit them or trying to gain access to sensitive internal information.

With the Matchlight Executive and VIP Cyber Protection Solution you gain visibility across the open, deep, and dark web, including social media sites, to continuously monitor, detect, and respond to any fraud or misuse. Matchlight allows you to monitor social media sites for account takeovers and impersonations, doxing of key individuals across the web, and includes anti-wealth sentiments and hacktivism targeting those you are monitoring. Your Executive and VIP protection is important and could have a lasting impact on your brand, your customers’ trust, and your shareholder value.

Keeping your executive and VIP sensitive data private, including social security numbers, home addresses, and credentials, is critical. Matchlight’s patented digital fingerprinting technology ensures their data stays private. By using a unique, secure hash to identify the sensitive data, we detect exact matches, without ever storing a copy of the sensitive information.

49% of business leaders never adjust their social media settings to control who can see their information.*

*Source: Independent, Enter the scammers as executives ignore their inner cynics on social media (2016)

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Reduce business risk from cyber attacks with Matchlight’s Executive/VIP Monitoring

Stop Phishing and Business Email Compromise

Detect when and what accounts are at risk for phishing activity and thwart social engineering scams with constant monitoring of executive-level credentials. Matchlight can help you identify executive-level credential theft before it is misappropriated and used to attack your systems and steal your private data.