Brand Misuse Monitoring


Defend your business from impersonators, account takeovers, domain spoofing, and fraud with Matchlight’s Brand Misuse Monitoring Solution

It takes focus, dedication, and a lot of effort to build a trusted brand that delivers value to your customers, employees, and shareholders. In today’s fast-paced technology environment, it is all too easy for cyber criminals to operate behind fraudulent copies of your brand, through false domains, mimicking mobile apps, and impersonations on social media and other sites.

Your users rapidly click on links and scroll, or swipe, through apps. The telltale signs of fraud are easily overlooked, and they easily fall victim to entering their credentials and exposing themselves to personal loss. The impact to your customers and users can be immediate, and the subsequent impact on their trust in you can be long-lasting.

Matchlight protects against brand misuse by monitoring for fraudulent uses of your brand and impersonations of your employees, executives, and VIPs. We continually search for registered domains, social media accounts on all major platforms, and in mobile app stores for unauthorized or fraudulent use of your company, brands, and people. Our easy-to-use dashboard delivers a real-time snapshot of the overall digital risk to your brand as we uncover abuse and prioritize alerts. Backed by a team of fraud experts, Matchlight provides recommended remediation actions and, where applicable, takedown services of fraudulent accounts, information, or sites.

Matchlight empowers alignment across your entire team, from your analysts to your board. Manage your digital risk from brand impersonations, fraud, and phishing to uphold the value of your brand.

Data breaches result in the abnormal loss of 3.9% of customers and average lost business of $1.42 million.*

*Source: Ponemon Research, IBM Security Cost of a Data Breach Report (2019)

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Reduce the risk to your customers and the threat to your brand’s value with Matchlight’s Brand Misuse Monitoring

Matchlight® Corporate Monitoring Protection

Uphold Your Brand Value

Continually monitor for fraudulent use of your brand across the open, deep, and dark web, including social media and in mobile app stores, to minimize the risk that your customers will be tricked into sharing their credentials and other personal information.

Mitigate Corporate Damage

Act immediately to alerts on fraudulent data to build trust among your customers and mitigate reputational damage.

Actionable Insights When You Need Them Most

Matchlight’s dashboard presents real-time alerts and recommends remediation actions to help your team prioritize next steps to mitigate fraud and misuse of your brand.

Supercharge your Security without Additional Headcount

Add the power of a dedicated, experienced, and successful security team without the cost of additional headcount. This means that your organization and analyst will have the right information to make the right decisions in real time.

Takedown of Fraudulent Accounts, Information, and Sites on Your Behalf

Terbium fraud experts can initiate and manage the takedown process on your behalf to rapidly shut down impersonating social media accounts, criminal domains, and fraudulent mobile apps from those operators.

Monitor your brand across the internet

Mitigate fraud and misuse with:

Ongoing Monitoring

Automatically scan the open, deep, and dark web to indicators of data theft, fraud, and brand and executive impersonations.

Prioritized Alerts

An easy-to-use dashboard identifies the most impactful abuses that have been discovered and recommended best practices remediation actions to your team.

Managed Takedown Services

Matchlight fraud analysts are available to initiate and manage the takedown process when fraudulent social media accounts, domains, or mobile apps are discovered.

Matchlight® Simplifies Digital Risk Protection

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Datasheet—Brand Misuse Monitoring Solution

Matchlight Brand Misuse Monitoring protects against brand misuse by monitoring for fraudulent uses of your brand and impersonations of your employees, executives, and VIPs.

Digital Risk Protection Buyer's Guide

Understand the capabilities your organization needs to reduce your digital risk exposure from data loss, potential threats to your organization, brand misuse and fraud.