Matchlight® all-in-one solution simplifies digital risk protection


Matchlight’s Digital Risk Protection dashboard provides the most comprehensive visibility into your risk exposure and the threats of data loss and misuse across the open, deep, and dark web.

Matchlight continually monitors and detects the misuse of your private employee, customer, and proprietary corporate data, and identifies malicious activities targeting your brand and executives on the internet. The Matchlight dashboard provides expert recommendations to assist you in remediation efforts for all identified risks. The Matchlight all-in-one platform places prioritized alerts at your fingertips, with the ability to drill down into the actionable, analytics-driven insights you need to assign resources and take action quickly and efficiently.

Matchlight’s All-in-One Dashboard Puts Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

Monitor Digital Risk with Real-time Alerting

See critical alerts across the dark web, open web, social media, and mobile app stores. Each alert overview has drill-down capabilities so you will know exactly what the risks are to your employees, customers, and company.

Dark Web Alerts

Matchlight continually monitors the dark web for your employee, customer, and proprietary corporate information, and alerts you immediately, eliminating the embarrassment of third-party notifications and giving you the information you need to rapidly remediate data loss.

Open Web Alerts

Matchlight monitors for fraud and misuse of your corporate and product brands, guiding you to locate and mitigate risks to maintain your company’s reputation and uphold your customers’ trust.

Social Alerts

Matchlight alerts you to the impersonation of your executives and VIPs across all public social platforms, where criminals may be attempting to misrepresent your organization or carry out phishing schemes. Terbium Labs’ takedown team acts on your behalf to rapidly shut down fraudulent accounts and defend your brand.

Mobile App Alerts

Matchlight monitors mobile app stores and identifies fraudulent activities that have been published with the purpose of misrepresenting your brand or defrauding users and stealing their login credentials and other personal information. Terbium Labs’ takedown team works with you to remove fraudulent apps when they are discovered.


Gain access to the Matchlight dashboard and see risk visualized.

Monitor Your Digital Risk Score Trends

Matchlight provides an overall risk score for your organization at any point in time, based on the universe of sensitive data and digital assets you are monitoring and the indications of fraud and misuse that our continual crawling discovers.

Analytic Charts Provide Visual Representation of Risk Trends

The Matchlight dashboard provides a summary view and the ability to drill down into all of the elements that impact your digital risk: the severity of alerts that our scanning has uncovered; the change over time highlighting what threats to your private data have been newly discovered; the sources of concern; and a comparison of your organizational risk against similar organizations.

Get Automated and Expert Guidance to Remediate Fraud, Monitor Data Loss, Defend Against Data Loss, and Protect Executive/VIP Identities

The Matchlight all-in-one dashboard is designed to provide insights and optimize decision-making and business processes for stakeholders across your entire business.

Matchlight Data Loss Detection Solution

Manage your most sensitive data and continually monitor for data loss

Matchlight Brand Misuse Monitoring Solution

Protect the investment you’ve made in establishing your brand by identifying misuse and fraud that could impact your customers and disrupt your revenue streams.

Matchlight Fraud Detection Solution

With ever-increasing ways for cyber criminals to perpetrate fraud, you need to be vigilant by continually scanning the internet for techniques developed and shared that target your company.

Matchlight Executive and VIP Protection Solution

Your most visible executives are targets for fraudsters seeking to gain access into your network. The returns for landing “the big one” through whale phishing are great and you need to regularly monitor for impersonation and other fraudulent representation of your VIPs.

Get Recommendations from Experts to Address Risk and Provide Remediation Assistance

In addition to identifying your most impactful exposures, the Matchlight dashboard presents a prioritized list of recommended actions for your team. Further detail on each action item is available for resource planning purposes, including items where takedown of fraudulent social media accounts or domains can be done by Terbium on your behalf.

Key Matchlight Features

Private Data Stays Private—Even from Us

Securely monitor your corporate data from external threats using our patented fingerprint and exact matching technology to improve your security posture, minimize false positives, and ensure compliance with evolving data privacy regulations.

Expansive Coverage

Boost your digital risk protection with a single platform that continuously monitors, detects, and analyzes your exposed data across the internet—whether it’s the open, deep, or dark web.

Accurate and Precise Intelligence

Gain comprehensive visibility across the internet to make informed decisions. Our unique fusion of data science, machine learning, and human analysis provides pinpoint accuracy for early detection, minimizing digital risk.

Actionable Insights

Empower your teams to immediately remediate using real-time alerting, comprehensive risk mapping, and detailed trend analysis on exposed assets and threats from malicious data use—all in a single visual platform.

Organizational Value

Receive immediate and actionable intelligence, with the context your organization needs to reduce the impact of exposed digital assets, protecting shareholder value, safeguarding company reputation, and improving customer retention.


Search the dark web and other malicious sources for your proprietary data. Your private data never leaves your network, and fingerprint matching means your data is found more precisely, speeding your time to respond and eliminating the risk to your employees, your customers, your brand, and your business.


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