Gain insight into Matchlight’s technical capabilites that keep an eye on your data so you don’t have to.
Demystifying the Dark Web

Take a tour of the dark web to learn how to monitor for your information, and what to do if you should find something.

Matchlight Technical White Paper

Learn more about how Matchlight can quickly and privately alert you when any of your sensitive information appears on the dark web.

Weathering an Insecure World

Discover how to apply a risk management mindset with proactive steps to protect your critical sensitive data.

Ovum's On the Radar: Terbium Labs Monitors the Dark Web for Signs of Exfiltration of its Customers' Data

With breaches becoming almost inevitable and corporate data assets multiplying daily, there is clearly a need for tools such as Terbium's Matchlight to keep watch in the places where stolen data is bought and sold, warning customers when their data has been purloined.

Shady Business: Commoditization of Data in the Dark Web Economy

This report examines the underground data trade, investigates the shady business side of dark web operations, and challenges existing ideas about data valuation.