The Next Generation of Criminal Financing

How Payment Fraud Funds Transnational Crime

Payment fraud is used to launder money for organized crime syndicates, subsidize the costs of trafficking in drugs, guns, and humans, and provide material support for terrorist groups.

This report presents findings from initial research into the deeply intertwined nature of payment fraud and transnational crime which illustrate a global flow of compromised payment information used to regularly fuel large-scale, criminal activity around the world and uncover widespread gaps and inconsistencies in crime documentation.

Download the research report, “The Next Generation of Criminal Financing,” to learn how payment fraud funds transnational crime including:


  • How fraud and automobile trafficking in North America provided material support to Hezbollah – and even furnished vehicles to transport bombs destined for attacks on Israel.
  • How an established Sri Lankan organized crime group used North America as a hub to transport compromised point-of-sale systems to Australia in order to exploit Australian consumers and then sell the compromised financial data.
  • How Russian drug traffickers borrowed from popular gameplay to create an anonymized scavenger hunt of dead drops around cities thousands of kilometers apart.