technical August 09, 2016

The Source Code Data Type

Source Code records contain the private computer code that companies have written for their products.

Source Code records may include proprietary source code, patented algorithms, and scripts that are essential to the operation of a company’s products and services. A company’s source code, if obtained by other individuals and companies, can cause significant financial damage. A paragraph of code, in any programming language, constitutes a single Source Code record in Matchlight. These records are fingerprinted and compared against the billions of fingerprints that Matchlight’s crawler indexes every day. In the event that Matchlight locates a match for a customer’s record, the customer instantly receives an alert. Alerts contain a relevance score, date and timestamp, and URL of where the information was found.

Use Cases:

  • Monitor files and modules essential to proprietary software.
  • Monitor scripts that are used to automate internal processes.
  • Monitor algorithms that form the core of intellectual property.

How We Treat This Record Type:

Normalization: In computer programming and software engineering, syntax and formatting are critical to the integrity of the code. Matchlight will fingerprint the Source Code record in upper case, but changes nothing else about the code.