Shady Business: Commoditization of Data in the Dark Web Economy

Assessing Risk from Sensitive Data Exposure

The dark web has undergone a period of increased instability over the last year, which has only highlighted the adaptability and resilience of the fraud economy. Removing the mystery of the dark web allows organizations to take informed action to evaluate their digital assets and detect the appearance of sensitive data to disrupt the supply chain before additional exposure occurs.

Download the white paper, “Shady Business: Commoditization of Data in the Dark Web Economy,” to learn how:

  • Data is treated as a commodity and is subject to supply and demand
  • The structured economy of the dark web has led to standardized pricing based on the perceived potential for profit of leaked and stolen data
  • A framework of data as a commodity can provide a more effective approach to mitigating risk
  • Automation and analytics are tools that organizations can use to match the innovation used by cybercriminals