technical August 09, 2016

Matchlight’s Search Capability

Terbium’s search tool allows customers to conduct fully private searches on our full index of dark web sites.

Searches are made of a minimum of 14 characters which are fingerprinted on the user’s browser at the time of search. The one-way data fingerprint is the only information ever submitted to Terbium. Terbium never has access to customers’ original data. If there is a match found in our index, Search will return the URL of the match, a time stamp, and a score noting the relevance of the match.

Marketing: Marketing teams can use search to do an initial investigation of terms related to their brand. Information on the dark web can include slander and false accusations about a brand, as well as counterfeit products for sale. Search allows companies to gain a better understanding of the types of information that is being discussed about their organization online.

InfoSec: Detecting a data leak is crucial for an organization. Through search, companies can perform an investigative search for emails, and names of employees suspected to be part of a leak from data breaches. Search can look retrospectively through Terbium’s index of the dark web to know if the information has been seen previously on the web.

Corporate Security: Search gives organizations the ability to keep track of critical members of their organization. Users can search for corporate level executives and high level partners, identifying any mentions on the dark web containing potentially malicious mentions or doxxings.

Fraud/Identity: If there is a concern over an individual credit card number, SSN, name, bank number, or other individual PII, fraud departments can use search to identify if and when these mentions occurred. Leaked information can lead to false identity creation and the use of fake credentials within the company.