Benefit from new knowledge gleaned by Terbium Labs' original research initiatives.
Separating Fact from Fiction: The Truth about the Dark Web

In the industry's first data-driven, fact-based research report, Terbium Labs analyzes what's really taking place on the far corners of the Internet.

Drugs on the Dark Web

From free samples to forum discussions and reviews, the dark web drug trade functions in a customer-centric, self-regulating system.

Fraud on the Dark Web

Although some of the most prolific fraud sites exist on the clear web, this research captured numerous instances where data was leaked or sold for the purposes of committing fraud.

Hacking and Exploits on the Dark Web

Dark web vendors o er a wide range of technological crime. From distributed denial of service attacks to pre-recorded phone calls, there is a myriad of knowledge and listings for hacking & exploits.

Pharmaceuticals on the Dark Web

Dark web pharmacies provide unfettered access to a variety of prescription drugs and other banned, recalled, and approval-pending substances.

Inside the Dark Web: Fraud Guides

Terbium explores an area of content not often discussed outside of dark web criminal circles: fraud guides.