On-Demand Webinar: What’s Your Organization’s Exposure on the Dark Web?

About This Webinar

In a recent industry-wide survey of IT professionals, Terbium Labs uncovered startling gaps in the way organizations evaluate the ongoing risk of data exposure. Findings from this survey also indicate security practitioners are overconfident in their ability to detect information once exposed and are failing to accurately assess their existing risks.

In this webinar, Emily Wilson, Terbium Labs’ VP of Research, discusses the implications of these latest findings, including


  • How do security strategies need to adapt to account for ongoing and repeated exposure of sensitive corporate data?
  • Are organizations so narrowly focused on the dangers of customer data leaks that they’re missing the potential for employee data exposure – which in turn gives cyber criminals easy access to customer files?
  • What do preferences for exact data matching, risk mapping, and privacy protected data monitoring services tell us about the shifting landscape in the digital risk protection market?