brochure August 09, 2016

Matchlight for Marketing and Legal Departments

Counterfeit products and defamation can ruin the reputation and marketing efforts of a company. Marketing and Legal teams need a way to monitor their brands on the web.

Matchlight provides marketing and legal teams with a tool to keep track of their products and brands by alerting them to any references to the asset on the dark web. Through these alerts, marketing and legal teams are able to keep track of what is being said about their brand. Alerts give ample opportunity for these teams to address problems and maintain the integrity of their information.

Fingerprint Monitoring: Marketing teams can put sensitive formulas and intellectual property under fingerprint monitoring to stay aware of company secrets on the dark web. Data Feeds: Data feeds can track branding, company names, or slogans and put the findings into downloadable CSV files. These feeds allow you to find instances of misrepresentation of the brand or instances where your product is being used in an unintended way.

Search: Search quickly returns results to customers from pages Terbium has previously crawled and can be used for a preliminary investigation of the dark web.