brochure August 09, 2016

Matchlight for Information Security

Information Security incidents can expose large amounts of sensitive information at once. When an incident occurs, companies need to know what information has been exposed, and where it ends up.

Matchlight provides companies with the knowledge of where data ends up after breaches. Matchlight’s versatility can alert information security teams to the amount and type of information that was stolen, as well as the possible methods used. Companies can track the appearances of email addresses ending in their domain and the appearance of any other pattern that may be indicative of a breach.

Fingerprint Monitoring: Matchlight detects even traces of a company’s most sensitive information online. Companies can monitor confidential key terms, personal information, and documents that may have been targeted in a breach.

Search: Following a suspected or confirmed incident , companies are able to retrospectively search for strings of text that are 14 characters or longer and compare those fingerprints against the trillions of fingerprints that Terbium has indexed.  Matchlight returns a scored list of matches, along with the time and location at which the fingerprint was indexed.

Data Feed: Companies are able to track key terms and patterns, such as anything formatted like an email that ends in their domain name. A large amount of matches in a company’s key term or pattern Data Feed may be indicative of a large data breach.