brochure August 09, 2016

Matchlight to Combat Fraud & Identity Theft

Fraudulent acts can cause great harm to both individuals and businesses. Companies need ways of knowing the most current fraud methods and tools in order to actively combat them.

Matchlight provides fraud prevention teams with a tool to monitor and track fraudulent documents, stolen credit card and other payment forms, as well as information leaks that can compromise identities. Acts of fraud can result in monetary damage and reputation loss, and Matchlight’s alerts allow companies to swiftly act against them.  

Fingerprint Monitoring: Companies can monitor the personally identifiable information (PII) of individuals or groups that, should they be victims of fraud, would cause harm to the organization. Matchlight sends direct alerts to clients if the PII under monitoring appears on the dark web.

Search: Search provides companies with the ability to retrospectively compare fingerprints of their information to the trillions of fingerprints that Terbium has indexed on the dark web.

Data Feed: Data Feeds allow companies to track key terms and patterns. Data feeds provide the flexibility to track new appearances of a pattern, such as a credit card number beginning with a certain bank identification number. The appearance of cards following a certain pattern can give fraud departments the information they need to set up further investigation.