technical January 01, 2017

Matchlight’s Fingerprint Monitoring Capability Explained

Fingerprint monitoring is a fully private and fully automated service that alerts customers when their information or data appears on the dark web or the more illicit parts of the internet.

Clients can monitor personal information and customer information, documents and source code, and lists. Information placed under monitoring must be at least 14 characters long, and is hashed on the client’s end using a SHA512 hash, which gives Terbium a “fingerprint” to look for online. If even a trace of a client’s fingerprint is detected online, Matchlight alerts the client and provides a relevance score along with the time and location where the fingerprint was found.

Corporate Security: Fingerprint Monitoring allows companies to monitor the personal information of anyone they deem critical to their organization’s operations. This includes corporate level leadership and prominent investors. Executive and leadership figures are often the targets of “doxxing,” the practice of posting someone’s private information online with malicious intent.

Information Security: Companies can monitor key terms and patterns of any length. Following a suspected data breach, companies are able to monitor sensitive personal information and documents, including client lists, contracts, and internal emails, that may have been exposed in the incident.

Fraud: Companies can place the personal information and internal credentials of their leadership and employees under monitoring. If leaked, this information can allow others to operate under one of those identities. Acts of fraud can grant unauthorized individuals further access into a company, and monitoring can alert your organization to the appearance of any credentials online.