Between customer credit cards, account information, and login credentials, the financial industry is a prime target for data theft.
Matchlight Datasheet

Learn how Matchlight’s patented data fingerprinting protocol and dark web crawler combine to offer the world's first fully private, fully automated Dark Web Data Intelligence system.

Separating Fact from Fiction: The Truth about the Dark Web

In the industry's first data-driven, fact-based research report, Terbium Labs analyzes what's really taking place on the far corners of the Internet.

Inside the Dark Web: Fraud Guides

Terbium explores an area of content not often discussed outside of dark web criminal circles: fraud guides.

BCU Case Study

In this case study, we examine a mid-sized credit union that adopted Matchlight to expand its information security coverage to a volatile area where few of its peers have a strategy in place.

Matchlight Payment Card Data Pipe Overview

Matchlight’s Payment Card Data Pipe has the ability to automatically collect and provide real-time data of stolen payment cards to our clients to improve their fraud management efforts and integrate it into Common-Point-of-Purchase (CPP) analysis, risk assessment, and fraud estimation capabilities.