brochure January 13, 2015

Matchlight for Corporate Security

Board members and corporate level executives are often the face of a business. The decisions they make at work, and in their personal life, have the potential to affect the reputation and interests of a company. Corporate executives are a common target for “doxxing” - the online practice of targeted research and sharing of the personally identifiable information (PII) of others for what the criminal believes to be a valid reason. Matchlight gives companies the ability to keep an eye out for unexpected appearances of your company’s critical data or intellectual property. Matchlight also provides the ability to place specific keywords or pieces of PII under monitoring, enabling businesses to know exactly when their corporate information is leaked.

Fingerprint Monitoring: Companies can fingerprint and put under monitoring digital assets, source code, and high-value PII to keep information secure, and receive alerts when matches are found.

Data Feeds: Companies can set up data feeds with company information, and company names. Data Feeds can also keep track of patterns like email addresses ending in

Search: Companies can look at the URLs Terbium has previously crawled and compare them to key terms like company name, names of board members, and SSNs. Since searches are always fingerprinted upon entry, Terbium will never see what terms you searched for.