Fraud Guides 101: Dark Web Lessons on How to Defraud Companies and Exploit Data

In this report, we unpack the findings from a set of nearly 30,000 fraud guides to understand what fraudsters are selling, what they’re teaching, and how these guides impact an organization’s understanding of data security.

The Next Generation of Criminal Financing

This report presents findings from initial research into the deeply intertwined nature of payment fraud and transnational crime which illustrate a global flow of compromised payment information used to regularly fuel large-scale, criminal activity around the world and uncover widespread gaps and inconsistencies in crime documentation.

The Underrated Risks of Data Exposure

We surveyed over 300 information technology (IT) professionals in the United States and Canada to better understand how businesses currently monitor and detect incidents of exposed data on the Internet, their current and future risks and the potential negative outcomes. The survey was fielded in September 2019 and the respondents are comprised of full-time IT professionals who work in various industries, including but not limited to, retail, finance, healthcare and ecommerce.