Matchlight® Customer Data Loss Monitoring Protects You and Your Customers


More than 80% of businesses lack the money needed to recover from a cyber attack or data breach.*

*Source: 15 Small Business Cyber Security Statistics That You Need to Know (2019)

The Matchlight Customer Data Monitoring Add-on minimizes your third-party risk while proactively monitoring for your customer data across the dark web. Our patented digital fingerprint technology uses a unique, secure hash to identify your customer data. This allows us to monitor for your customer data, without storing a copy of your customers’ sensitive personal information.

The Matchlight Customer Data Monitoring Add-on securely and continuously monitors the dark web and other potentially malicious sites for your customers’ sensitive information like email addresses, names, physical addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, payment card data, and other sensitive customer details. And your fingerprinted data only returns exact matches, improving alerts to offer your team real-time intelligence with recommended actions to mitigate financial and brand impacts.

Extend Your Digital Risk Protection to Monitor Your Customer Data

Matchlight’s 3-Step Approach to Managing Customer Data Risk


Identify the sensitive customer data you want to monitor, never uploading and storing plain text data to a third party. Using Matchlight’s unique, secure hash to identify your private data, we never need to store a copy of your sensitive information.

STEp 2:

Actively scan for your customer’s fingerprinted data. Using our exact matching technology, Matchlight continuously monitors the web and returns the most accurate alerts to your security team.

Step 3:

Follow expert guidance and recommendations when customer data is detected, allowing you to respond rapidly and minimize the risk to your business, your financials, and your brand reputation.


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Search the dark web and other malicious sources for your proprietary data. With Matchlight, you receive our patented digital fingerprinting technology. This means your private data never leaves your network, and fingerprint matching means your data is found more precisely, speeding up your time to respond and eliminate the risk to your employees, your customers, your brand, and your business.

Safely Monitor Your Customer’s Personal Data—Without the Risk

Matchlight Customer Data Monitoring Add-on

Protect Customer Personal Information

Stolen customer personally identifiable information (PII) is pay dirt for bad actors, a headache for your customers, and a threat to your brand’s reputation. Whether it’s login credentials, social security numbers, email addresses, or physical addresses, your customers trust you with their sensitive information. Through Matchlight’s patented digital fingerprinting technology, you can rapidly and efficiently identify and remediate customer data losses before damage is done.

Protect Patient Data

Nothing is more sensitive than a customer’s electronic protected health information (ePHI). That’s why stringent regulations govern the collection and storage of healthcare records, and why the value of stolen electronic healthcare data is so high on the dark web. By quickly finding and identifying stolen patient ePHI and providing actionable insights with recommended actions, Matchlight protects your business from regulatory concerns and to take immediate action to protect your customers.

Protect Customer Payment Card Information

Criminals who get their hands on payment card data act fast and cause as much damage as possible before the organization discovers the data is lost and before fraud is reported. With Matchlight’s patented digital fingerprinting technology, exact matches are quickly detected and you receive real-time notifications to take steps toward remediation, minimizing the impact the bad actors might have on your customers’ finances and your brand reputation.

Matchlight® Simplifies Digital Risk Protection

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Protect Shareholder Value

Inform your post-breach communications with a full scope of your compromised data, helping create clear, consistent messaging that inspires trust among your shareholders.

Mitigate Corporate Damage

Act immediately to alerts on your compromised data to build trust among the public and mitigate reputational damage.

Actionable Insights When You Need Them Most

Matchlight’s dashboard presents real-time alerts and recommends remediation actions to help your team prioritize next steps to mitigate malicious activities against your employees, customers, and company.

Supercharge Your Security Without Additional Headcount

Add the power of a dedicated, experienced, and successful security team without the cost of additional headcount. This means that your organization and analyst will have the right information to make the right decisions in real time.

Minimize Dwell Time and Reduce Cost of Exposure

Improve your incident response by identifying information rapidly after it leaves your network and exists on the dark web. Our proactive approach to monitoring for your data with our digital fingerprinting technology means we find your data sooner and with greater precision.


Customer Monitoring

Matchlight’s Customer Data Monitoring Add-on ensures the proactive, accurate, and constant monitoring of data entrusted to you by your customers.

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