Matchlight Managed Service

Matchlight complements data loss prevention and network controls, providing visibility into dark web exposure without expanding the attack surface. Monitoring is delivered as a managed service, in the form of daily priority-alerts, monthly reporting, and on-call analysts to assist with incident response and investigation – all as part of Matchlight’s standard subscription.


Receive analyst reports & priority alerts which provide context, cut through the noise, and follow up when data is identified

Fully private monitoring of the dark web for your data.

Large scale automated crawling, powered by a semi- supervised on-line learning algorithm.


Discover incidents earlier than ever before, even when data originated from a third party breach

Proactively manage exposure, and reduce the damage that may be inflicted

Save money by limiting the damage caused by inevitable data exposure

Matchlight Unstructured Data Pipe

For customers or industry partners looking to receive raw dark web data directly, Terbium Labs offers its Unstructured Data Pipe. This product provides the complete, raw source code of any dark web pages or documents crawled by Matchlight, filtered by a pre-programmed set of criteria and in real time.


Delivery of full dark web page contents, including of pages which may require credentials for access.

Crawl footprint and frequency customizable to client needs, based on a combination of domain and content selectors.

Continuous, encrypted delivery, directly to storage controlled by the client.


Securely receive a continuous stream of Matchlight’s dark web data to augment your analytics or risk analysis.

Easily integrate customizable dark web data into your products, decreasing development and operational costs and time to market release.

Matchlight Payment Card Data Pipe

Terbium Labs has the ability to automatically collect and provide a structured output specifically of dark web carding market data to our clients. With access to such data, Terbium Labs’ clients are able to improve their fraud management efforts and integrate dark web data into Common-Point-of-Purchase (CPP) analysis, risk assessment, and fraud estimation capabilities.


Ongoing collection and delivery of stolen payment card data. Receive payment card data as it appears for sale, before any fraud has occurred.

Automated delivery of structured data, which can be incorporated as an additional data source into existing CPP workflows.

Dramatically increased pool of data with which to perform CPP analysis, compared to looking at actual fraudulent transactions alone.


Identify common points of compromise as soon as payment cards go up for sale on the dark web, before any fraudulent transactions even occur.

Eliminate losses due to fraud by gathering intelligence further back in the stolen card supply chain, saving overall card fraud costs.

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