Matchlight keeps an eye on your data so you don’t have to.

Matchlight is the world’s first fully private, fully automated Data Intelligence System. We notify you immediately if even a trace of your data shows up where it shouldn’t.


Our Approach To Data Intelligence

Matchlight's massive crawling infrastructure constantly scans the dark web for any trace of your sensitive information. With our patented Data Fingerprinting technology, we can alert you the moment we detect your exact data online, all without needing access to your original data.

Matchlight's dark web monitoring keeps an eye on your data so you don't have to, constantly measuring your baseline exposure and strengthening your compliance posture. Our as-it-happens incident reports provide valuable domain expertise and offer immediately actionable next steps for your organization.

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Why Use Matchlight?

Customer and Employee Data

Monitor for the appearance of your employee data with fully private, exact string monitoring for personal information.

Measure Baseline Exposure

Track your company's baseline exposure, and better understand developing risks or leaks directly tied to your organization's data.

Ongoing Risk Reports

Receive immediate incident reporting from our analysts, and monthly risk review reports powered by Matchlight's ongoing data detection.

Custom Data Solutions

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Unstructured Data

Select partners can access our unstructured data pipe to perform their own analytics on our raw dark web crawl.

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Versatile Data Feeds

Our versatile data feeds track the appearance of combinations of keywords or patterns, allowing for more complex on-page analytics.

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Custom Crawl

Matchlight's flexible crawl infrastructure supports data collection from sites outside our standard dark web crawl path for our custom services clients.

API Accessible

Matchlight is entirely API accessible, enabling customers to integrate data fingerprinting, data feeds, alerts, and incident information with existing security infrastructure such as data stores, SIEMs, and threat intelligence platforms.

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