Matchlight keeps an eye on your data so you don't have to.

Matchlight is the world’s first fully private, fully automated Data Intelligence System. We notify you immediately if even a trace of your data shows up where it shouldn’t.
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Why Matchlight

Defense is no longer sufficient. Terbium operates under the assumption that your data is always at risk. We believe that if you can’t stop everything then the next best option is quick and quiet detection.

Matchlight was inspired by a conversation with the Chief Information Security Officer of a bank, who wanted to be alerted immediately when if any of the bank’s data appeared on the dark web. The catch? The bank couldn’t share any of their information with us. With Matchlight, it doesn’t have to. Fingerprinting allows Matchlight to search the dark web for client information without needing to reveal that information to anyone, not even to us.

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Data Intelligence

Matchlight's unparalled crawler constantly scans the dark web for any trace of your sensitive data. With our patented Data Fingerprinting technology, we can alert you the moment your information appears, all without needing access to your original data.

Matchlight's Dark Web Monitoring keeps an eye on your data so you don't have to; know the moment your company information appears online, or the instant one of your employees or customers have been exposed. Our team of analysts provide valuable domain expertise and offers immediately actionable information on the exposure of your data.

Matchlight Use Cases

Fully Private PII Monitoring

Monitor for the appearance of your customer or employee data with fully private, exact-string monitoring for personal information.

Brand and IP Protection

Know when, where, and how your company is exposed on the dark web with fully customized brand protection backed by Matchlight's unrivaled crawler.

Dark Web Threat Intelligence

Receive weekly reports highlighting threats to your industry and a review of your account activity. Suspicious events trigger immediate incident reports so you can act quickly.

Who Uses Matchlight

Marketing and Legal Departments

Track the appearance of your brand on the dark web, along with proprietary information about strategic partnerships. Learn more about how Marketing and Legal Departments use Matchlight here...

Corporate Security

Protect your executives, board members, and high-value members of your organization with fully private personal information monitoring. Learn more about Matchlight for Corporate Security here...

Information Security

Reduce breach dection time to minutes with immediate alerting on early indicators that your customers, employees, or intellectual property may have been exposed. Learn more about Matchlight for Information Security here...


Monitor and track the appearance of fraudulent financial or identity information that can impact your customers, your employees, and your organization as a whole. Learn more about how Fraud Departments use Matchlight here...

Matchlight Features

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Insight and Analysis

Our analyst team will fine-tune searches, weed out false positives, and report high priority items with context.

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Versatile Data Feeds

We can track the appearance of combinations of keywords or patterns on a certain page or perform more complex on-page analytics.

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Custom Crawl

We can crawl places that are outside of our standard dark web crawl path and are of particular interest to our custom services clients.

Unstructured Data Access

Terbium partners with enterprise customers to provide custom access to our unstructured data. Perform proprietary analytics in-house or integrate Matchlight's big data infrasturcture into your existing sytems.

Contact us today to learn more about our unstructured dark web data pipe.