Matchlight All-in-One Dashboard Overview

Matchlight’s state-of-the-art dashboard provides a combination of multiple data streams, inputs, and custom data gathering techniques, like fingerprinting, into one easy to
use, visualization of threats and concerns.

Matchlight Brand Misuse Monitoring Overview

Matchlight Brand Misuse Monitoring protects against brand misuse by monitoring for fraudulent uses of your brand and impersonations of your employees, executives, and VIPs.

Matchlight Corporate Data Monitoring Overview

Matchlight’s Corporate Data Monitoring Add-on ensures continuous monitoring of your sensitive company data across the open, deep, and dark web.

Matchlight Customer Data Monitoring Overview

Matchlight’s Customer Data Monitoring Add-on ensures the proactive, accurate, and constant monitoring of data entrusted to you by your customers.

Matchlight Data Loss Monitoring Datasheet

Matchlight Data Loss Detection Solution protects against digital risk by rapidly and efficiently identifying and minimizing the impact of a data breach.

Matchlight Datasheet

Matchlight simplifies Digital Risk Protection (DRP) by detecting and remediating your company’s ex- posed data through ongoing monitoring of your digital assets, access to robust analytics, and presentation of actionable intelligence—all within a single platform.

Matchlight Executive and VIP Monitoring

Matchlight Executive and VIP Protection Solution gives you visibility across the open, deep, and dark web, including social media sites, to continuously monitor, detect and respond to any misuse, fraud, or data loss.

Matchlight Fraud Detection Overview

Matchlight Fraud Detection Solution searches the open, deep, and dark web for information that helps cybercriminals exploit your organization

Matchlight Solution Overview

The more digital business you do, the more you are exposed to fraud, misuse and impersonations of your digital data and your company’s brand. This means that Digital Risk Protection (DRP) is a vital part of your business.

Underestimating Digital Risks Infographic

Underestimating risk leaves businesses exposed while the costs of data loss is on the rise. Terbium Labs surveyed 300 IT professionals across North America about the risks of corporate data exposure and their current data monitoring strategies. The results show a dangerous disconnect between how companies think about risk and how they monitor for data exposure online.