technical April 16, 2018
Privacy, Regulation, and Data Fingerprinting

We at Terbium are big fans of GDPR. Not only have we argued that regulation has a strong role to play in ensuring individual privacy and security, but we’ve built our product, Matchlight, entirely...

technical July 14, 2017
NessAWS: Our Journey Towards Continuous Monitoring

Introducing our free, open-source tool for facilitating continuous monitoring in the cloud.

technical June 08, 2016
Look to the Data, not the Headlines

Organizations should look to their own data for information, rather than being distracted the flurry of headlines appearing on security.

technical June 02, 2016
The Plural of Anecdote is Data, not Evidence

On Monday, Troy Hunt published a blog post suggesting that there is a new trend of historical data breaches showing up on dark web markets. The blog post observed a cluster of four advertisements...

technical August 20, 2015
What is a Data Fingerprint?

A Chief Information Security Officer at a bank asked us to tell him if one of his client lists was ever leaked to the internet. The catch? He couldn’t actually ever provide us with...

technical May 30, 2015
Securing Your Data at Cloud Scale

Matchlight is powered by the latest in large-scale computational technologies. Matchlight bridges the gap between big data and information security. Built on technologies including the MapR Distribution of Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Python,...