events April 11, 2019
Catastrophic Risk, Compliance, and Data Security: Recapping Dynamic Connections 2019

Terbium Labs recently participated in Dynamic Connections 2019, an annual conference put on by General Dynamics Missions Systems. The conference brought in more than a thousand practitioners from around the world for a week-long...

events September 06, 2018
Sharks and Shpiony: A Conversation with Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan, Authors of The Red Web

As part of our Black Hat programming this year, we had the distinct honor of hosting journalists Irina Borogan and Andrei Soldatov for an evening of discussion on security, surveillance, and the state of...

events August 30, 2018
Risk, Cyber Crime and Strategic Security: Highlights from Black Hat 2018

Members of the Terbium Labs team once again made the summer trek to Las Vegas for Black Hat USA in search of the latest developments in information security.

events June 28, 2018
Finding Forward—Thinking Fraud Fighters at the ACFE Conference

The 29th Annual Global Fraud Conference took place last week in Las Vegas. Hosted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the conference attracted a variety of fraud professionals: investigators, auditors, risk managers,...

events May 24, 2018
Cyber Fraud Summit: How to Fight Fraud by Eliminating Easy Targets

While the essence of fraud is constant, criminals are constantly finding new methods and tools. People across all three of the main fields—law enforcement, finance, and information security—were represented at the International Association of...

events April 19, 2018
Finding and Fighting Fraud: Calling Out the Fakes Around Us

Although ISMG’s Fraud Summit 2018 only spanned one day, the speakers were both experts and experienced practitioners, so their insights were both hard earned and unique.

events March 30, 2018
The Gap Between Knowing and Doing: Takeaways from the KNOW Identity Conference

Technology is stretching the current paradigm of identity, and, while the way ahead is unclear, we will only adapt if we do so collectively and without using fear. Panelists at the KNOW Identity Conference...

events March 20, 2018
E-Crime Congress: The Confluence of Fraud Risk and Information Security Threats

Recently, Terbium Labs attended two concurrent events—the E-Crime Cybersecurity Congress and Fraud Forum—that explored the intersection of fraud and information security. The key takeaway from conversations with attendees and presenters: the risks for folks...

events March 16, 2018
Data Ethics and Best Practices: Highlights from Strata Data Conference

Members of the Terbium Labs technical team were in San Jose last week, attending the business-focused data science conference Strata Data Conference.

events March 08, 2018
The Failures of Protecting Consumer Privacy: Our Takeaways from FTC's PrivacyCon

One could be forgiven for expecting the Federal Trade Commission's third PrivacyCon to be disheartening. Data breaches continue to increase in size and scope; hardly a month goes by without a story about inadequately...

events February 28, 2018
Our Recent Trip to the UK: Kicking Off the First CyberThreat 2018 Summit

Terbium Labs attended the first CyberThreat event, hosted in the UK and intended to bring together Europe's technical cyber security community.

events February 05, 2018
Asking the Right Questions at Wonder Women Tech Global Summit

At Terbium Labs, we believe in asking the right questions. Last week, at DC's Wonder Women Tech Global Summit, we asked everyone who came to our booth, "what would you most hate to lose?"...

events January 27, 2018
Breaking Through Convention with BSidesNYC

For the past several years, the information security community has heard the constant refrain: use Signal, Tor, and two-factor authentication (2FA). At BSidesNYC, however, conference speakers urged attendees to dig deeper than simply “more...

events January 18, 2018
Conferences You Should Know About: A Recap of ICCS 2018

A few of us from Terbium Labs spent last week in New York at the International Conference on Cyber Security (ICCS). Hosted every eighteen months, and run as a partnership between Fordham University and...