DevSecOps Engineer

Software and infrastructure development is a balancing act between security and speed. At a big data cybersecurity-focused start up like Terbium, we live this reality on a daily basis. Securing a distributed big data pipeline like Terbium’s Dark Web Crawler is no small feat, but we love a challenge. That’s where the DevSecOps engineers come in.

Our DevSecOps engineers get to do a little bit of everything. Terbium is looking for that DevOps engineer that has an interest in security, or security engineer that knows their way around the AWS console.

Are you in the stage in your career where you want to lead a team, design the architecture and work all the way from big picture to small details. Leadership positions are available. Apply!

If you aren’t quite looking to lead, but are a self-starter and willing to learn new skills. Apply! We always work to build the position that best fits our individual team member.

At Terbium, a DevSecOps Engineer responsibilities could include:

  • Establishing a culture of agile software development
  • Designing and implementing security-focused tools and services for detection/remediation of vulnerabilities in cloud and physical environments
  • Maintaining a highly reliable software platforms for all Terbium Labs' products/services
  • Mitigate abusive activities, such as DDoS attacks, spamming, and/or botnets against outward-facing endpoints
  • Understanding security principles such as defense-in-depth, least privilege, failing securely, etc.
  • Implement technical solutions for security best practices on network devices and operating systems
  • Supporting the ongoing accreditation of our infrastructure per the PCI-DSS security framework
  • Monitoring security events in our infrastructure using SIEM tools

Experience with the following are important:

  • Continuous integration/delivery
  • Security principles (defense-in-depth, least privilege, failing securely, etc.)
  • Change/configuration management
  • Building and maintaining cloud infrastructure
  • System monitoring and log analysis

Experience with any of the following tools would be great:

  • Amazon Web Services (IAM, VPC, ECS, EC2, SQS, S3, DynamoDB)
  • Jenkins, GitHub, Travis-CI
  • Nessus, OSSEC/Wazuh, Snort, Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Grafana
  • Ansible, Bash, Python, Packer, Terraform, Consul, Vault

Don’t fit all these qualifications, but willing to learn and self-teach? Please submit a resume and cover letter for consideration, along with any supporting materials you can share to highlight your qualifications, to us at We are remote friendly.

Account Executive

Terbium Labs is the world's premier dark web data monitoring company.

We are a different sort of information security company. By offering continuous & proactive monitoring of critical data and rapid breach detection on the Dark Web, we enable companies to better manage risk and keep high-value data safe.

We are a growing VC-funded startup at the beginning stage of building a sales organization. At Terbium Labs, we pride ourselves on having a respectful work environment built around a diverse and accomplished team.

Your Strengths

We are searching for highly motivated individuals who are ready to contribute their impact on our team mission of helping new customers transform their exposure and operational awareness. About you:

  • Curious with a Bias Towards Action. You have a ferocious appetite for learning matched only by the desire to apply your learnings and measure the impact on your sales effectiveness.
  • Accountable. Growth stage entrepreneurial environments afford autonomy, creative input, and team collaboration while also demanding self-awareness, agility, and strong time management to deliver positive growth. Your performance will have a huge contribution towards company success.
  • Intrinsically Motivated. Your passion as a sales professional has no boundary. You love every step in the client journey, are empowered by creating hero stories, and your energy level lifts the performance of those alongside you.

What You'll Add to the Team

Based out of Terbium’s headquarters in Baltimore, you are responsible for managing the full sales cycle of targeting new client growth.

  • 5+ years selling enterprise technology in fast-paced, competitive markets.
  • Experienced self-starter with successful track record of opening new conversations, managing effective presentations, and winning new clients.
  • Great storytelling experience with applied consultative selling skills to engage both the technical teams and business unit managers.
  • Confidence calling C-level executive teams with emerging technology.
  • OKR oriented with attention to detail in forecasting, managing stage conversions, and driving outcomes in the full sales cycle.
  • Experience with threat intelligence, information security, and fraud is an added bonus.
  • Track record of success exceeding quota targets and winning accolades.

Your Application

Underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply. Please submit a resume for consideration, along with any supporting materials you can share to highlight your qualifications, to us at

Software Engineer

Terbium Labs is the world's premier dark web data monitoring company.

Our product, Matchlight, combines a cutting-edge dark web crawler with our patented fingerprinting technology to create the world’s only automated and private dark web monitoring tool. We are a growing VC-funded startup with Fortune 500/100/50 clients. You can read more about our company culture and benefits here.

Specifically, successful candidates will help maintain and scale out our dark web crawler to be resilient to dynamic and unpredictable world of black market traders, fraudsters, scammers, and hacktivists. Additional opportunities exist working on the systems that consume, transform, and process our crawl data into a variety data products for internal and external consumption. This includes our UI, API, and Python SDK.

Interested? We’d love to hear from you. We are seeking individuals from any background with relevant experience in any of the following high-level areas:

  • Designing, maintaining, and operating large-scale distributed systems and/or data pipelines
  • Defining, monitoring, and improving system metrics and maintaining system uptime and performance
  • Working with high-volume data systems, on the order of billions to trillions of objects
  • Collaborating with data scientists and other non-engineers to identify issues and implement solutions.

Additionally, we're seeking proficiency in any of the following engineering and related areas:

  • Big data ETL, data science, and analysis
  • Refactoring legacy code, unit testing, integration testing, QA
  • Internal and user-facing documentation.

We rely heavily on the following technologies but are open to candidates with adjacent skills or with a demonstrated ability quickly learn new technologies or systems:

  • Python, Docker, MySQL
  • AWS particularly S3, SQS, SNS
  • Big Data technologies, particularly Apache Spark
  • Distributed logging with the ELK stack, Grafana, and Sentry.

If you think we missed something, send us a cover letter telling us why your experience would fit well at Terbium. Salary and title will reflect experience. Remote work friendly. Underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply. Please submit a resume for consideration, along with any supporting materials you can share to highlight your qualifications, at

Our Culture & Benefits

At Terbium Labs, we pride ourselves on having a respectful work environment built around a diverse and accomplished team. Our backgrounds and experience draw from neuroscience, fashion, astronomy, geopolitical risk, history, quantum physics, and law bolstered by strong business experience, including several successful startup exits. The leadership team values ethical and transparent judgment.

Team Terbz likes to unwind with monthly happy hours, catered all-hands meetings, a well-stocked snack area, a comfortable lounge area, and a completely unnecessary variety of coffee machines. No one is quite sure why, but we also have a full jazz trio setup in the corner.

People who succeed at Terbium Labs are effective, cooperative, and reliable. We don’t need to “crush it” all the time; we compete by being clever, collaborative, consistent, and connected.

Our Values

  • Impact. We appreciate the importance of our mission and respect the significance our decisions have on people’s livelihoods.
  • Dependability. We value a culture of holistic ownership and aggressive follow-through.
  • Respect. We value healthy dialog and care about and support each member of the team as a whole, individual human being beyond their immediate contribution to the mission.

Engineering Culture

We strive to provide our engineers with the best possible work experience.

We provide our developers with latest generation Macbook Pros and any other tools you need to do your best work, such as external monitors and docking stations. Individuals requesting a mechanical keyboard should be prepared engage in enthusiastic discussion with the rest of the team regarding their personal preferences, preferably over coffee.

We strive to follow industry best practices such as unit-testing, QA testing, code reviews, separate staging environments, documentation, and continuous integration. Organizationally, we mostly work in weekly sprints with a daily stand-up. Employees have regular opportunities to give and receive feedback during weekly 1-on-1's and quarterly performance reviews. We occasionally head off-site to hack away on prototypes and new ideas. Members of the engineering team are encouraged to present interesting or novel work to the rest of the team during our weekly team meetings.

Our Benefits

In addition to all federal holidays, Terbium Labs offers unlimited vacation. This is subject to the demands being placed on your respective team, but it is never less than 2 weeks. Employees receive full medical/vision/dental coverage, equity in the company, and participation in our 401(k) plan with matching contributions.

Employees are also eligible to attend at least one conference of their choosing each year. Terbium Labs is committed to the development of its team members: if you know what kind of learner you are and what you know what you need to succeed, we will do our best to provide it.

We will also pay you.