About Terbium Labs

Empowering organizations to reduce the risk of inevitable data exposure.

Our Vision

The Terbium Labs vision is to identify and remediate the greatest risks to your data across the internet—whether it’s the open, deep, or dark web—and thus manage the risks to your financials, your operations, and your brand reputation.

Our Approach

We built Matchlight because we are committed to protecting your organization from digital risks with speed and accuracy so you can protect your business in today’s digital ecosystem with confidence.

Our unparalleled dedication to data science drives efficient discovery techniques, enables us to scan massive amounts of data on the web, and produces actionable results so that you can respond quickly and effectively to a threat.

Our patented digital fingerprinting technology means that your data stays private while also enabling you to discover digital risks with greater speed and accuracy.

Our solution delivers a unique combination of machine automation and human intelligence to give you targeted and contextual recommendations for your remediation efforts.


 Do more business digitally so that you can grow with trusted digital risk protection of your brand, data, and more. With our continuous, proactive monitoring of your brand and valuable data, you can better manage risk of data breaches and digital fraud.

We’re a different sort of information security company. Terbium Labs seeks to remediate the greatest quantity of risks across the internet—whether it’s the open, deep, or dark web. Our experts in data science, cryptography, large-scale information systems, information security, and risk protection are committed to delivering solutions that protect your business from the risks of doing business online.


Our Culture

At Terbium Labs, we pride ourselves on our respectful work environment built around a dependable, diverse, and accomplished team. Read more about our clever, collaborative, consistent, and impactful Team Terbz here.

Terbium Careers

Join us! Interested in working with innovative teams and out-of-the-box thinkers? We, the Terbz, are committed to finding unique and cutting-edge solutions to tomorrow’s information security problems. If you are excited by the power of data, the prospect of problem solving, and a room full of people debating season 8 of Game of Thrones while they grade craft breweries, we want to work with you.


See why the world’s leading companies use Matchlight to monitor their data.

Executive Team

Pat Clawson

Pat Clawson

Chairman & CEO

Clawson has over 30 years of IT Security experience leading organizations with revenue growth and strategic planning across private and public entities. He was previously Chairman and CEO of CyberGuard Corporation (NASDAQ: CGFW), which was acquired by Secure Computing (NASDAQ: SCUR) for $295MM.

Annie Wacker

Annie Wacker


Wacker has over 18 years of IT Security experience leading the marketing function to optimize demand generation, share of voice, and analyst relations for growth stage organizations $1MM–$75MM. Wacker blends art and science with a metrics-driven approach to deliver ROI.

Dee Liebestein

Dee Liebestein

VP of Product Management

Liebestein has over 20 years of IT Security experience leading product teams from planning through development. Her expertise in alignment with industry and market needs propels organizations into industry leaders with exceptional recognition by industry analysts.

Danny Rogers

Danny Rogers

Founder & CTO

Rogers is a computational physicist with experience supporting Defense and Intelligence Community Cyber Operations, as well as startup experience in the defense, energy, and biotechnology sectors. Rogers is an author and expert in the field of quantum cryptography and has published numerous patents and papers on that and other subjects. Prior to co-founding Terbium Labs, Rogers managed a portfolio of physics and sensor research projects at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Tyler Carbone

Tyler Carbone


Carbone has been with Terbium Labs for 5 years in a variety of roles. Carbone has run a variety of technical projects within businesses, gaining expertise in product development, digital strategy, and customer success. Previously, he studied cognitive science at Harvard, then earned his MBA and JD from the University of Virginia. 

Tim Burns

Tim Burns

VP of Global Sales

Burns has 12 years of sales leadership experience within emerging markets of Internet Infrastructure (CDN, IaaS, PaaS), CyberTech, MarTech, SaaS Applications, and Cloud Analytics. He was recruited to build and scale sales teams, iterate and improve forecast accuracy, and accelerate customer acquisition sales velocity. 


Matchlight® Simplifies Digital Risk Protection

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