Webinar Data Loss Detection, Finding Your Data on the Dark Web and Beyond

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For this installment, “Data Loss Detection, Finding Your Data on the Dark Web and Beyond,”  VP of Product Dee Liebenstein, joins Randy Franklin Smith, to discuss data loss detection and how our Matchlight solution monitors for your specific data on the dark web, while maintaining full privacy of that data.


What Will I Learn?

This is a “live” training session that will examine three techniques for leaked data detection:

  • Searching for wildcard strings
  • Searching for the data itself
  • Searching for hashes of the data

These three techniques for data loss detection will be compared for efficacy and their potential to add additional risk to your digital assets.


Why is Understanding Data Loss Detection Important?

Having your company’s private data exposed can have a ripple effect throughout your business, impacting shareholder value, eroding trust in your brand, and damaging your reputation with customers. It’s important to have a plan for detecting and mitigating the damage when data loss does happen within your organization.


How Can I Find My Data Anywhere on The Web?

On October 15, 2019, Terbium Labs proudly relaunched Matchlight, our answer to the challenges in digital risk protection with expanded coverage, a best-in-class dashboard that visualizes risk, and remediation assistance like analyst-vetted recommendations and takedown services. A continuation of our dedication to innovation and the best use of technology to ensure both privacy and security. New features and visualizations, coupled with our patented fingerprinting technology, ensure that your information will be found when exposed anywhere online.


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