Terbium Labs, The Best of Baltimore

Terbium Labs has been selected for the 2019 Best of Baltimore Award in the Corporate Office category by the Baltimore Award Program.

Each year, the Baltimore Award Program identifies local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and the Baltimore community.  Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Baltimore Award Program and data provided by third parties.

At Terbium Labs, even the CEO does the dishes.

Terbium Labs values a culture of holistic ownership and aggressive follow-through. In-short no problem is to big or small, we appreciate our teams, celebrate our successes, and learn from our mistakes.

At Terbium We ALL Believe In:


We execute as a team and depend on each other to take holistic ownership of our work and to follow through. We don’t say, “That’s not my job.” Instead, we say, “How can I help?”

Leading by example

No task is beneath anyone, at Terbium Labs, even the CEO does the dishes and we lean forward with a bias towards action, proactivity, and with a passion for privacy.

Supporting Our Co-Workers

We support those who we rely on in one role to change, experiment, and grow into other roles.


We Asked #TeamTerb – Why Terbium Labs?

Our employees are a diverse and focused group of persons dedicated to privacy and the evolution of technology. We come from a myriad of backgrounds including fashion, non-profit, and well-known global conglomerates enriching Terbium Labs with our expertise, opinions, and life experiences.

I chose Terbium Labs both because I believe in our mission – that protecting consumer and business data is important and that organizations should be actively monitoring for their data . I chose Terbium Labs because I felt the company provided an environment where I could grow and excel.

– Emma Zaballos, Director of Analysis, Terbium Labs

I’ve been working in the tech industry over 14 years and chose Terbium Labs because I was and am intrigued by its proposition to employee wholeness. Terbium Labs ACTUALLY puts employee exhilaration and development first which means a lot to me. I don’t get bored here and I have the space to evolve.

– Dominic James, DevOps Engineer, Terbium Labs.

I chose Terbium Labs because I wanted to feel like I was helping people. I came from the marketing world where we would use user data to optimize web experience, or sell it to our partners. I wanted to be on the other side of it, protection rather than exploitation. I kept reading in the news about these massive data exposures and the impact on users, I wanted to help. Terbium Labs gave me that opportunity – we focus on minimizing the risks associated with data breach, and in the unfortunate event of an exposure, guide our customers through the remediation. That’s helping, that is making a difference. 

Ellen Pearl, Sr. Product Manager, Terbium Labs


Terbium Labs Serves Baltimore and America 



Best of Baltimore


Terbium Labs Serves Baltimore and America

Twice a year, #TeamTerb comes together at our Baltimore office for a week-long leadership and team-building event that goes beyond professional development. Since our founding Terbium Labs has served Baltimore and America, volunteering with organizations that make a difference in our communities.



Why Customers Choose Terbium LabsPatented Tech and Dedicated Analysts



Get Unique Baselining and Risk Scores

Enabled by digital fingerprinting technology, we quantity risk based on the exact matches of what data has been exposed, where it has been exposed, and how much of it was exposed.   And, because we have complete visibility of your exposed data across the internet, we can assess your risk to provide the actionable intelligence and recommendations your organization needs mitigate the risks and reduce your overall risk score.


Monitor Any Type of Sensitive Employee, Customer and Corporate Data

While others search for your data by domain – our digital fingerprinting technology allows us to exactly match for your specific records. We can and will find any and every portion of your data, wherever it is on the web, and are the first and only solution that can monitor extremely diverse data sets with pinpoint accuracy.


Keep Your Privacy and Reduce Third Party Risk

Most importantly, because of our digital fingerprinting technology, you never have to choose between sharing your sensitive information with us and keeping it secure. Our digital fingerprinting technology creates one-way hashes – within your system and via a web browser, these hashes are all Terbium Labs ever needs to monitor your digital assets.


Supercharge Your Security Team – Without the Cost

A single analyst could cost upwards of $137k per year for only 40 hours of work per week and their output would never match Matchlight’s. Combine an automated crawler capable of monitoring the deepest parts of the dark web 24 hours a day, a specialization in dark web monitoring, and a dedicated analyst focused on your business and you get Matchlight. Terbium Labs’  scalable, private, 24/7 monitoring system. 



On October 15, 2019 Terbium Labs proudly relaunched our Matchlight solution with expanded coverage, a best-in-class dashboard that visualizes digital risk, and remediation assistance like analyst-vetted recommendations and takedown services. A continuation of our dedication to innovation and the best use of technology to ensure both privacy and security.

Terbium Labs is proud to be the recipient of a 2019, The Best of Baltimore Award in the Corporate Office category and will continue to enhance the positive image of small businesses in Baltimore. We’ll do it through service to our customers and the Baltimore community. 

Ready to learn more about Matchlight? Check out our resources, or schedule a demo to see our cutting edge technology in action.