Since 2015 Terbium Labs has been a leader in monitoring the dark web for exposed private data such as employee and customer personally identifiable information and intellectual property. Today, Terbium Labs has expanded our objective to provide our clients the assurance that if their data appears where it should not, their brand is misused or they are a target of fraud, anywhere across the Internet, whether that be on the open, deep, or dark web, we will alert them quickly, with context and recommendations for mitigation.

Today, we are announcing a new release of Matchlight, the world’s most comprehensive, and private, all-in-one solution for digital risk protection. And, we are inviting you to learn more about the features, functions, and coverage enhancements that will help you minimize digital risk. Information security and anti-fraud professionals alike will find value in the context of our new alerts, and executives will appreciate the snapshot view of the organization’s digital risk across the entire internet.

In this post, we will discuss some of the great enhancements included in Matchlight and how they can help you minimize digital risk.

What is Matchlight and How Does it Minimize Digital Risk?

Matchlight is the world’s first and only digital risk protection solution that can never increase your risk. Our platform uses proprietary digital fingerprinting technology that creates “fingerprints” to monitor for all of your private data – ensuring that your actual data never leaves your network. Using these fingerprints, Matchlight can find exact matches of your data, telling you right down to the field level exactly what was found, for example, email, social security number, and address, by record.  This level of detailed matching enables us to better characterize the risks you are facing and provide more specific and actionable recommendations.

But today’s Matchlight is even more.  Matchlight still securely monitors for your private data, but now also protects your brand, your employees, and your customers across the Internet, monitoring for misuse of your brands and targeted fraud, as well as data loss. The combination of our automated crawling technology, machine learning, and natural language processing, along with our expert analyst team, provides valuable insights and actionable alerts, including takedown assistance.

How to Minimize Your Digital Risk With Matchlight

Security professionals can reduce digital risk in two ways:

  1. Identify digital risks that could result in a breach or incident.
  2. Minimize the impact when a breach or incident occurs.

Matchlight complements all of the necessary defensive and preventative technologies that organizations already employ. By delivering visibility into what is happening to your data and your brand outside of the network, we enable you to mitigate the impact to your customers and bottom line.  Awareness of risks, such as social media account impersonation and domain spoofing, is the first step towards mitigation of the threat. Matchlight provides detailed recommendations and takedown assistance to support your remediation efforts. The majority of data breaches are discovered by a 3rd party and have been exposed for over 250 days. With Matchlight, you’re back in the driver’s seat, enabling you to reduce the consequences of data loss by shredding dwell time.

Terbium Labs’ Matchlight includes four key solutions:

  1. Data Loss Detection

Data Loss Detection is about gaining visibility into your lost or stolen data on the dark web and other malicious sites. This data loss could be experienced by either your organization or a 3rd party who was storing your data and lost it. We monitor for exact matches of highly confidential employee PII, customer PII, and corporate IP – and we do it securely using our fingerprinting technology.  We also monitor for other types of data loss across the internet as well – places like Github and Gitlab, where exposed data is often found, and across social media sites. The goal of data loss detection is to help you mitigate the risks to your brand, revenues, people, and customers and to stay in compliance with regulatory requirements.

  1. Brand Misuse Monitoring

Brand Misuse Monitoring provides visibility across the Internet of how your brand and your people are being represented. There are many different ways we see brands being misused and the resulting risks that organizations and their customers face. Web domains may be impersonating a company or mimicking a real domain.  This is often done using typosquatting. Once the bad actors stand up these fake domains, they often use it for phishing – trying to gain credentials, selling fraudulent goods, or spreading malware.  On social media we may see spoofing and account takeovers, as well as potential hacktivism.  Again, bad actors may be trying to steal people’s names and credentials by directing them to other sites for collection, or they could be attempting to spread misinformation. Mobile applications may be spoofing brands with fake applications – those applications that look like the “real” brand but are attempting to steal information. These mobile applications are often targeted towards customers, so detecting this risk is important to organizations who have this type of digital asset.

  1. Executive/VIP Protection

Executive and VIP protection includes monitoring key executive social media sites for account takeover. We also monitor for doxing, anti-wealth statements, and hacktivism targeting specific individuals across the Internet. Using our patented digital fingerprinting technology, we’re able to monitor the dark web for very detailed information – all in a secure and private way. As a result, we may identify doxing threats to the key personnel we are monitoring, or even threats related to their family members. This visibility is critical for these high-profile individuals.

  1. Fraud Detection

Fraud guides are basically “how-to” guides that are found on the dark web and may cover general attack tactics or target a specific organization. These guides may cover topics from how to successfully phish an organization, to how to commit identity theft – and everything in between. Fraudulent accounts, spoofed domains, and otherwise impersonated identities can fool your employees into opening a door to outsiders. Our goal is to help you monitor and detect these types of threats, so you can take action before it turns into data or financial loss for you or your customers.

At Terbium Labs, we’re the first to say that you must defend your digital assets. But in today’s world, that is not sufficient. Your digital risks extend to assets outside of your control. Matchlight provides the visibility you need, across the Internet, to reduce the impact of inevitable data exposure and to protect your brand, your customers and your bottom line.

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