Seasoned Cybersecurity Leader Patrick Clawson Joins Company as CEO to Usher In the Next Phase of Worldwide Growth; Company Founder Danny Rogers to Focus on Product Innovation and Strategy as CTO and Industry Evangelist


BALTIMORE – Oct. 15, 2019 – Dark web data intelligence innovator, Terbium Labs today announced its entry into the Digital Risk Protection (DRP) market with significant enhancements to its Matchlight platform, the world’s most comprehensive, continuous and fully private dark-web data monitoring system. Building on its established reputation for providing organizations with unprecedented visibility into their exposure on the dark web, the new Matchlight SaaS solution extends the same visibility to all digital assets across the open, deep and dark web.

DRP solutions mitigate digital risks associated with a company’s data and assets by providing intelligence of potential threats from all parts of the web. Despite the dangers of data exposure, newly released research from Terbium Labs shows that a quarter of IT employees across industries either do not take any steps to monitor and detect if sensitive data has been exposed on the internet, or admit they aren’t sure if their organization currently takes any of those steps.

In order to combat digital risk, Matchlight’s new DRP capabilities provide organizations with actionable intelligence across data loss detection, brand misuse monitoring, executive/VIP protection and fraud detection, including takedown services and recommendations – all within a single solution and dashboard.

“Terbium Labs has built an enviable reputation for its dark web monitoring and fraud detection capabilities. With today’s announcement, we’re ready to take the company to the next level and ultimately lead the burgeoning DRP market,” said Patrick Clawson, CEO of Terbium Labs. “We have created a unique solution that leverages Terbium Labs’ proprietary digital fingerprinting technology, where we are the only DRP solution in the market that can privately monitor and protect IP, employee and customer PII, in addition to customer phishing, account takeovers, fake domains and imitation accounts – all without Terbium Labs ever seeing any sensitive data.  We maintain our core belief that digital attacks are inevitable and that rapid and accurate discovery of data misuse and fraud is critical to protect a company or organization..”

Patrick Clawson joined the company in June 2019 as CEO.  A proven cybersecurity leader, he brings more than 25 years of experience in technology and IT security to his role at Terbium Labs. Most recently, Clawson served as CEO at Blancco Technology Group, a provider of data erasure software.  Prior to that, he was Chairman and CEO of Lumension Security, Inc., where he successfully led the business to strong revenue growth and profitability. Company Founder Danny Rogers has moved to the leadership role of CTO where he will continue to oversee product direction and strategy as well as maintaining his active role as industry evangelist and dark web pundit.

About Matchlight

The new Matchlight DRP solution provides organizations with the visibility and real-time intelligence to know when, where, and how their data is being exposed across the internet – whether it’s the deep, dark, or open web. The solution offers security teams a plan-of-action to minimize risk, protect brand reputation, safeguard revenue streams, and ensure customer loyalty.


Key features and benefits include:

  • Private Data Stays Private. The cornerstone of the Terbium Labs’ brand, Matchlight securely monitors employee, customer and corporate data from external threats using its patented digital fingerprint and exact matching technology that ensures data stays private – even from Terbium Labs. The patented technology allows organizations to improve their security posture, minimize false positives, and ensure compliance with evolving data privacy regulations.
  • Expansive Coverage. Users of the Matchlight platform can boost their DRP capabilities with a single platform that continuously monitors, detects, and analyzes their exposed data across all facets of the Internet – not just the dark web.
  • Accurate and Precise Intelligence. With comprehensive visibility across the Internet, organizations can now make better, more informed decisions. Terbium’s unique fusion of data science, machine learning, and human analysis provides the pinpoint accuracy needed for early detection and digital risk mitigation.
  • Actionable Insights. Matchlight empowers security teams to immediately remediate using real-time alerting, comprehensive risk mapping, and detailed trend analysis on exposed assets and threats from malicious data use – all in a single visual platform.
  • Organizational Value. The immediate and actionable intelligence Matchlight provides arms users with the context needed to reduce the impact of exposed digital assets thereby protecting shareholder value, safeguarding company reputation, and improving customer retention.


About Terbium Labs

Terbium Labs empowers organizations to reduce the risk of inevitable data exposure. Matchlight, the company’s comprehensive digital risk protection (DRP) solution features continuous digital asset monitoring, robust analytics, and actionable intelligence, to quickly identify and minimize the impact of exposed data across the Internet – whether it’s the open, deep, or dark we