Terbium Labs, the premier dark web intelligence company, today announced the findings of new research examining the market for fraud guides for sale on the dark web and their impact on data security.  The report titled, “Fraud Guides 101: Dark Web Lessons on How to Defraud Companies and Exploit Data,” analyzed nearly 30,000 guides to determine what fraudsters are selling; what they’re teaching; how these guides impact an organization’s understanding of data security; and countermeasures that can be taken by organizations to minimize data theft and risk from data exposure.

“Fraud guides illustrate the most popular, easy-to-use methods to commit cyber-enabled fraud,” shared Emily Wilson, VP of Research at Terbium Labs. “The guides provide unique insights into how cybercriminals think, talk, and operate on the dark web. By evaluating the contents of these guides, we can better understand the dark web fraud tr