Each year on March 8th, the world comes together to amplify women’s successes and advocate for women’s futures. This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is Balance for Better, a campaign designed to “celebrate women’s achievements … while calling for a more gender-balanced world.” In the United States, women face stark gender inequality, holding just 24% of jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math fields. Across these industries, women face ongoing struggles with harassment and discrimination, while fighting for fair and safe representation in the workplace.

We can do better, and we must do better.

Today and every day, Terbium Labs is committed to building a balanced, diverse team of dedicated professionals ready to tackle the complex problems of information security. Data compromise impacts everyone, and represents a growing threat in a world filled with inadequate data privacy laws and misaligned incentives for ethical data practices. We solve hard problems, and we need skilled teams to build products, solutions, and analytics that can shape the future of digital monitoring and fraud prevention.

At Terbium Labs, we know that the strongest teams are made up of people with diverse backgrounds, different experiences, and a range of professional and academic journeys. The women on our team fill both technical and non-technical roles at every level of the organization. Our backgrounds shape the way we interact with the world, and our experiences inform the ways we create, innovate, and solve problems. The women of Terbium Labs have backgrounds in neuroscience, communications, international relations, computer science, math, business, music, literature, and finance—just to name a few! There is no one path toward a career in technology, and we celebrate the wide range of paths that led us to working together on products to create a safer, more secure world.

The Balance for Better campaign challenges us to “celebrate the presence of and notice the absence” of women in the world. At Terbium Labs, we understand the change that happens when the gender diversity in a room or on a team shifts—we see the difference in ideas and innovation when executives, department heads, managers, and project leads are capable, brilliant women, ready to chart a path forward. Even with a constantly growing team, 50% of Terbium’s staff identifies as female, and we continue to add new and talented team members to every level of our organization.

The only way to insure a better, balanced future is to lead by example. We remain dedicated to promoting diversity in our industry, and to building strong teams around our core company values: impact, dependability, and respect.