Dark Web Data Intelligence Company Raises its Corporate Visibility Through Industry Award and Marquee Speaking Engagements

BALTIMORE – June 27, 2018 – Terbium Labs, the premier dark web intelligence company has experienced a successful first-half of 2018 marked by increased interest in its flagship product, Matchlight, and for its depth-of-knowledge on complex cybersecurity issues and leading technology topics including dark web monitoring, artificial intelligence, and big data.

As the company behind Matchlight, the world’s first fully private, fully automated data intelligence system, Terbium Labs continues to be honored for its product innovation and unique approach to information security. Earlier in the year, Terbium Labs was named a Bronze Winner in the category of best fraud prevention by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards and received the same finalist status by the Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards.

From a market traction perspective, Terbium Labs was named to the annual Cybersecurity 500 list by Cybersecurity Ventures of the hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies. CB Insights also included Terbium Labs in its 2018 Cyber Defenders report of the year’s trends, opportunities and high-momentum startups with the potential to shape the future of cybersecurity.

With corporate headquarters in Baltimore, Terbium Labs is proud to contribute to the area’s local economy and burgeoning tech scene. CEO Danny Rogers was named to the Baltimore Business Journal Tech 10 Award honoring area professionals working to put Greater Baltimore’s technology industry on the map by making noteworthy contributions to the community. The staff at The Tech Tribune also recognized Terbium Labs on its 10 Best Tech Startups in Baltimore list.

2018 has also seen increased interest by the speaker circuit for Terbium Labs and its executive team. First-half 2018 highlights include:

  • Danny Rogers moderated the panel talk, “Prospects for Lon-term Information Security in the Face of Quantum Computing” at the prestigious American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, Feb. 15-19.
  • CTO Clare Gollnick presented, “The Limits of Inference: What Data Scientists Can Learn from the Reproducibility Crisis in Science” at the Strata Data Conference, March 5-8 in San Jose, Calif.
  • Danny Rogers delivered a solo presentation at the RSA Conference, April 16-20, in San Francisco titled, “#FakeNews as an Information Security Problem.”
  • Chief Research Officer and Head of Intelligence Analytics Munish Walther-Puri presented, “The Business of Stolen PAN Data” at the Mastercard Global Risk Leadership Conference in Key Biscayne, Florida, April 30-May 3.
  • On June 4th Danny Rogers presented, “The Weaponization of the Dark Web,” at the Campaign Cyber Defense Workshop presented by the Advanced Cyber Security Center in Bedford, Mass.
  • Clare Gollnick participated on a panel talk at 10 Years of Profiling the European Citizen event happening in Brussels, June 12-13.
  • Danny Rogers and Clare Gollnick were invited to present at the exclusive Morgan Stanley CTO Innovation Summit in June.

Future speaking engagements include Clare Gollnick’s talk at Black Hat 2018 titled, “Money-rity Report: Using Intelligence to Predict the Next Payment Card Fraud Victims,” Aug. 4-9 in Las Vegas. Director of Analysis Emily Wilson will present at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Law Enforcement and Government Anti-Fraud Summit, Oct. 25 in Washington D.C.


Terbium Labs is a premier dark web data intelligence company. As the maker of Matchlight, the world’s most comprehensive and only fully private dark web data monitoring system, Terbium gives organizations an unprecedented ability to continuously monitor the dark web and be alerted as soon as any of its sensitive data or keywords appear. Featuring a patented, privacy-protecting, data fingerprinting technology and sophisticated collection infrastructure, Matchlight has become a must-have data breach detection solution among risk management, security and privacy professionals. Learn more about Terbium Labs’ automated, affordable and actionable approach to dark web intelligence by visiting terbiumlabs.com or follow us on Twitter @TerbiumLabs.


Media Contact:
April H. Burghardt
PR Consultant