Terbium Labs, the premier dark web intelligence company, continues to spread its unique dark web insights and fraud prevention knowledge at leading conferences and trade shows. Coming off a successful RSA, where CEO Danny Rogers’ thought-provoking talk on disinformation as an information security problem received much praise and media attention, Terbium Labs will send its Chief Research Officer and Head of Intelligence Analytics Munish Walther-Puri to the Mastercard Global Risk Leadership Conference in Key Biscayne, Florida, April 30-May 3, 2018.

Designed for key stakeholders in the payments ecosystem, the Mastercard Global Risk Leadership Conference Series offers an informative forum to learn about the latest tools and techniques for minimizing fraud risk and maximizing profitability. Industry experts and peers gather to share their knowledge and best practices on key payment security issues, vulnerabilities, and innovative techniques to mitigate fraud. Munish’s talk, “The Business of Stolen PAN Data” will take place on May 1, 2018 at 4:40 p.m. ET.

The 2018 Payments Fraud and Control Survey Report produced by the Association for Financial Professionals found that 78 percent of companies were targets of payments fraud last year, demonstrating the crucial need for investments in cybersecurity and stricter controls and governance. The dark web is a key enabler of the fraud economy, offering a streamlined source of trade in compromised payment card and personal data. Munish’s talk will explore how the cybercrime economy has matured and discuss how ways to disrupt its impact will require a fresh framework. By mapping the supply chain of fraud on the dark web, organizations can learn where to focus their risk mitigation resources and how best to assess exposure of sensitive data.

Key takeaways and lessons attendees will learn include:

  • How stolen primary account number (PAN) data is commoditized, traded, distributed, sold, and consumed;
  • The economic drivers of the dark web data economy and the opportunities to disrupt the supply chain; and
  • The products and processes necessary to protect corporate assets and data from fraud.

To learn more about disrupting the supply chain of fraud in the dark web data economy, access the on-demand webinar from Terbium Labs here: https://go.terbiumlabs.com/lp-wb-disrupting-fraud-ws

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