Warning from Terbium Labs as firm extends reach into Europe with new partnerships

London, UK, EUROPE – 6th March 2018 Premier dark web intelligence company, Terbium Labs, has warned that law enforcement take-downs of two major dark web marketplaces last year caused disruption and paranoia among some criminal communities, but not identity fraudsters—who have become smarter, more creative and harder to find.

Terbium Labs’ flagship Matchlight platform provides dark web data intelligence in the form of automated, actionable and affordable insight, delivered in easy-to digest format for global organisations.

But its analysis has revealed that the high-profile takedowns of notorious drugs marketplaces AlphaBay and Hansa last year have not had a wider impact beyond causing disruption and paranoia among some criminal communities.

In fact, the identity fraud community on the unindexed web is growing, and sharing knowledge on an ever-expanding scale via handy guides which detail how to target specific types of business and overcome anti-fraud measures.

One example is a group of fraudsters who have been tracking changes to banks’ security policies and then targeting those which have failed to update their policies.

“In light of the major market takedowns in recent months, we’ve seen little impact in the carding and identity theft communities. These communities often operate in their own venues on the dark web; they persist and innovate despite the upheaval in the broader ecosystem,” explains Munish Walther-Puri, Terbium Labs’ Chief Research Officer.

“Fraudsters go to numerous boutique markets to buy and sell stolen data, so it is harder to get insight into what the this underground economy looks like by simply looking at one or two markets. You have to look across a broad range of forums and markets, which is what we do.”


The news comes as Terbium Labs announces an expansion into Europe with two new partnerships.

The new push into Europe will see the company teaming up with German cybersecurity vendor adyton and Netherlands-based security specialists MMOX.

Data breaches are inevitable today, but the damage organisations can suffer from them doesn’t have to be. More data was stolen in the first half of 2017 than in the whole of 2016, according to some estimates. But with the right tools in hand, organisations of all sizes can monitor the web for their compromised or stolen data.

That’s where Terbium Labs comes in. Its patented Matchlight technology creates one-way data fingerprints of client data with the data that is being collected by its web crawler, enabling companies to automatically search for their sensitive information without revealing it to anyone – not even Terbium.

The platform is already proven in the US where major organisations have used it to find sensitive customer and employee information, IP, and even source code, with numerous high-profile partners integrating it into their own offerings.

Terbium Labs’ expansion into Europe comes ahead of the GDPR, which is set to take effect on May 25, demanding firms have much greater visibility into their risk exposure.

“Organisations need to shift their thinking about sensitive data exposure to view the problem from a risk-focused perspective instead of a threat-focused one. There are three things you can do with risk: absorb it, mitigate it, or transfer it. Organisations fundamentally, especially financial ones, know how to handle risk. If they start to think about this issue as a risk, they’ll appropriately align their resources,” says Danny Rogers, Terbium Labs’ CEO.

“It’s not a question of ‘will’ your data end up on the dark web but ‘when’. The key is to take steps to minimise how long it takes for you to find out. We’re asking firms to take a step back and not be driven by fear. There’s a solution to understanding risk and Terbium’s visibility into the underground economy is a vital part of that approach.”


Terbium Labs is a premier dark web data intelligence company. As the maker of Matchlight, the world’s most comprehensive and only fully private dark web data monitoring system, Terbium gives organizations an unprecedented ability to continuously monitor the dark web and be alerted as soon as any of its sensitive data or keywords appear. Featuring a patented, privacy-protecting, data fingerprinting technology and sophisticated collection infrastructure, Matchlight has become a must-have data breach detection solution among risk management, security and privacy professionals. Learn more about Terbium Labs’ automated, affordable and actionable approach to dark web intelligence by visiting terbiumlabs.com or follow us on Twitter @TerbiumLabs.

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April H. Burghardt
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