Inside the Dark Web: Fraud Guides

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June 06, 2017

The Terbium Analyst Team is on the front-line of combatting dark web myths and legends. Whether it's a threat report, white paper, or blog post, the Analyst Team's job is to know things and speak intelligently about them. Other interests include weightlifting, chocolate, and accumulating obscure dark web trivia to amuse and confuse our co-workers.

Dark web markets often conjure thoughts of illegal and stolen goods - like drugs, data, and weapons. But these markets also peddle criminal methods, which appear in tens of thousands of fraud guides across several dark web markets.

In an effort to further combat the fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding the dark web, our new report Inside the Dark Web: Fraud Guides provides a transparent look into this seldom discussed corner of the dark web.

And although dark web guides cover a broad range of activities – drugs, fraud, hacking, anonymity, and social engineering, to name a few – fraud guides are particularly harmful in that they focus on exploiting processes, products, and people for profit. Few industries are unaffected by fraud guides, which are continuously improved and distributed by the community of fraudsters that buy and test these methods.

Our Analysts purchased, reviewed, and classified over 1,000 guides from over 30 unique listings on two major dark web markets in search of legitimate, actionable guides.

Our investigation revealed that 89% of the legitimate fraud guides were actionable. In simpler terms, the guides’ content could enable an individual to scam, defraud, or otherwise harm another individual or organization.

This analysis, however, required filtering out a significant amount of illegitimate and irrelevant material (How to Catch Kingfish was a favorite of ours). But under all of the noise, fraud guides present unique and identifiable threats to organizations in finance, retail, technology, government, and media. The noise doesn’t diminish the threat; it makes them harder to find.

Click here to read the full report.

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