A new FBI leak appeared to ring in the new year, but many believe that the “leak” contains false information. Goldeneye ransomware set a gold standard for exploited HR departments, and the squirrels are up to no good.


Recently, cyber criminals began targeting Human Resources departments with Goldeneye ransomware, a variant of a strain known as Petya. Created by cyber criminal group Janus, this Ransomware-as-a-Service was sold to any interested buyer, after which Janus took part of their profits from the exploit.

The Goldeneye ransomware is sent as an attachment to a fake job application. The email includes a clean PDF cover letter attachment that aims to lull the opener into a false sense of security, and the second attachment is an infected Excel file. Upon opening, a note asks the victim to initiate the encryption process. A golden screen, hence the name, pops up demanding 1.3 BTC ($1167.61 USD) and provides  instructions on how to acquire bitcoin and how to contact the admin if they have issues decrypting files or with the payment process.

Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly more creative with their exploits and attacks; they know how to create