At Terbium, we’re in the data breach discovery business. We see dozens of data breaches traverse our sensors each week, affecting organizations of all sizes. Many of these data breaches don’t get reported, either because they affect organizations that don’t attract much press attention or because they aren’t easily attributed to one particular source.

With Matchlight, our customers know within minutes of when their data appears some place it shouldn’t, giving them the tip-off that they have experienced a breach of their data. Often, we get the question, “But what next?” Once our clients know they have a problem, what do they need to do?

The answer, of course, is rapid incident response and breach remediation. Having a thorough plan in place and skilled investigators and forensics experts on call to address the inevitable incident are crucial parts of any information security posture.

That’s why today we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Mandiant, a FireEye company, to provide incident response and breach remediation services to our customers. Mandiant is a world leader in helping organizations respond to data breaches and other information security incidents, and we’re proud to offer their services to our customers. Now, when our customers detect signs of a data breach using Matchlight, they can call FireEye’s Mandiant.

Every day a data breach goes undetected makes the damage worse. With Matchlight, customers can bring that detection time down from months to minutes. And with incident response services from FireEye’s Mandiant, customers can now ensure that those data breaches are effectively contained and mitigated.

Contact us to learn more about Matchlight and our partnership with Mandiant by FireEye, or sign up today – the first five records are always free!