We’re hitting the road, with a number of speaking engagements that begin tonight at MITRE’s Cyber Innovation Night in DC, followed by Inside Dark Web in New York and Black Hat USA later this summer in Las Vegas! We’ll be talking about the myths and realities around the dark web and the Three A’s that make up a robust data intelligence program!

Executives from Terbium Labs will be featured speakers at several upcoming industry conferences and local events. As the company behind Matchlight, the world’s first fully private, fully automated data intelligence system, Terbium Labs provides a unique perspective and original insights into the fast growing, yet often misunderstood Dark Web.

While the Dark Web is large, it is not intractably so. It primarily consists of several thousand domains and a few hundred forums and marketplaces where illegal content and materials are most often traded. Using data collected by its comprehensive data intelligence platform, Terbium Labs will showcase the realities of the Dark Web and present detailed statistics about the types of content that are most notable. During their speaking engagements, CEO and Founder Danny Rogers and Tyler Carbone, COO, will also discuss new methods for breach detection and response to dramatically minimize the damage, loss and risk caused by a data breach. By using a data intelligence approach to identify fraud and data theft, organizations can truly light a candle instead of cursing the darkness.

Other key topics and takeaways to be addressed by Terbium Labs’ executive team include:

  • How to effectively protect sensitive data;
  • How to minimize extensive (and expensive) incident response efforts with automation;
  • How to continuously monitor your most critical data and intellectually property; and
  • How to build a more complete data monitoring program for your organization.