#OpIsrael is a regular feature among the leaks Terbium Labs sees day to day. The campaign is an ongoing operation targeting Israeli businesses, universities, social media networks, and governmental organizations. As with other ongoing operations, the leaks pop up from time to time, often reposts of old material, or some smaller attack carried out and mirrored across several sites.

On April 7th, however, the volume increases dramatically.

Originally timed to coincide with the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, the April 7th #OpIsrael attacks first began three years ago in 2013. The attacks, largely affiliated with sub-sections of the Anonymous community, are commonly tagged with pro-Palestinian messaging, with a professed goal of erasing Israel from the internet. The attacks range from database dumps to defacement, leaving sites inaccessible or filled with anti-semitic imagery and messaging. Last year, the attacks culminated with thousands of Israeli payment cards being dumped.

Already today, Terbium Labs has indexed a substantial number of leaks attributed to the #OpIsrael campaign. These leaks range from news and popular media sites to universities, consulting firms, social media accounts, government organizations, even the Israeli site for a major car manufacturer. We anticipate the influx of leaks to continue over the course of the day, as they have done in previous years.

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