Our Partnership with TRSS

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Writer Danny R.
March 15, 2016

Danny is one of the founders of Terbium and is known around the office for his extended soliloquies and pontifications about the security industry. He blogs about global trends and the importance of knowing where one's data is on the dark web.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Thomson Reuters Special Services (TRSS) to expand dark web data intelligence capabilities for TRSS clients.

We look forward to partnering with TRSS to expand their data intelligence solutions, where Matchlight can provide immediate information to corporate organizations and government agencies about the appearance of their information on the dark web. The integration of Matchlight into the TRSS suite of data intelligence tools will be priced based on the scope and coverage, and will reflect any additional services included (e.g., analyst access).

We are also excited to partner with the TRSS team on collaborative research to expand industry knowledge about the dark web. Stay tuned for a series of white papers detailing the myths and the realities of the dark web with a particular emphasis on the appearance and spread of stolen data and the security concerns in the increasingly sophisticated exchange of fraudulent identities, especially as it relates to human trafficking.

announcements March 25, 2019
Privacy and the Dark Web - Our Announcement

In conjunction with the KNOW conference on digital identity, we’re excited to announce that we are partnering with the Omidyar Network to help and promote this conversation around “good ID.”

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Another Anti-Fraud Award Win for Team Terbium!

We’ve been all smiles here at Terbium Labs HQ since we found out last week that our product, Matchlight, has won yet another award, this time a Gold Medal from Info Security Product Guide...