The average data breach takes more than 200 days to discover, and 85% of those breaches are discovered by external third parties. We are here to help. Matchlight, a data intelligence system designed to discover elements of your sensitive data on the internet — immediately and automatically. Matchlight monitors the dark web using a patented, one-way digital fingerprinting technique. Matchlight then automatically searches for your information, without anyone else — including Terbium — ever having to see or store the originating data.

With our solution, organizations are alerted when elements of their data as short as fourteen bytes appear on the internet. Alerts are triggered and sent immediately, bringing breach discovery times down from months to minutes and enabling organizations to initiate remediation plans before real damage occurs.

At Terbium Labs, we’re the first to say that you must defend your digital assets. But in today’s world, that is not sufficient. Your digital risks extend to assets outside of your control. Matchlight provides the visibility you need, across the Internet, to reduce the impact of inevitable data exposure and to protect your brand, your customers and your bottom line.

We have been testing our new product with a select number of alpha and beta clients, and we are happy to announce the expansion of that pilot program. If your organization would like access to Matchlight, contact us today!