Matchlight - Illuminate the dark web
Matchlight automatically scans the dark web for your sensitive data and intellectual property, notifying you within minutes if your information appears.

Data breaches happen every day. The average breach takes over 200 days to discover, and 85% of breaches are detected by third parties. Matchlight’s private and automatic data intelligence system shortens detection times to minutes and brings breach detection into your organization.

Rarely does [a tool] come along that has few immediate peers. Terbium's approach fills a fairly obvious void in the... marketplace"

Garrett Bekker, 451 Research

Private and Automated
  • Matchlight automatically scans the dark web for your sensitive information and intellectual property, notifying you within minutes if your data appears.

  • Matchlight’s fingerprinting technology enables us to search the dark web for your data without needing you to reveal that data to us.


Unlike most threat intelligence providers who use expensive human analysts, Matchlight uses an automated system to keep up with the ever-expanding dark web. Matchlight is able to process information faster than any team of humans.


Traditional threat intelligence makes it hard to know whether data is real or fake. Matchlight alerts you when and where fingerprints of your actual data appear online, giving you the knowledge you need to take action.


We believe organizations of all sizes need to be able to afford dark web intelligence. Because Matchlight is so highly automated, we can offer services at a fraction of the cost of traditional threat intelligence providers.

The Truth About the Dark Web
Separating Fact from Fiction: What's Really on the Dark Web?

Terbium's original data-driven research addresses common industry myths and identifies what content actually exists on the dark web.

Who Uses Matchlight?
Large & Small Banks

Monitor for customer account information such as debit cards and login credentials.

Retail & Small Business

Monitor for customer PII in bulk to know if your system has been compromised.

Tech Industry

Discover if elements of your source code have been stolen or leaked.


Find out if your or your family’s personal information has been leaked online.


Protect patients’ frequently targeted PII and PHI.

Industrial and Pharma

Keep track of proprietary formulas, counterfeit or stolen drugs, and trade secrets.