Matchlight’s unparalleled dark web monitoring technology automatically detects leaks of your sensitive information, and alerts you immediately when your data has been exposed.
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How Payment Fraud Funds Transnational Crime

In this report, Terbium Labs present findings from initial research into the deeply intertwined nature of payment fraud and transnational crime. This research begins to fill a gap in understanding about the use of fraudulent financing in some of the most heinous crimes around the world.

Why Use Matchlight?

Employee and Customer Credential Monitoring

Find out quickly and privately if data originating from your organization appears, augmenting both incident response and risk mitigation. Receive automated analyst reports that provide context, cut through the noise, and follow up when data is identified.

Real Time Analytics of Stolen Payment Cards

Detect stolen payment cards and receive a robust pool of data to begin comprehensive common point of purchase analysis before any fraudulent activity has occurred.

Third-party Product Augmentation and Data Integration

Integrate customizable Matchlight data of full page content into third-party products or analytics, such as third-party risk scoring or consumer protection businesses, which require a source of raw dark web data for natural language processing and alerting.

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Benefits of Matchlight

Fully Private

Unlike traditional security providers, Matchlight is designed to never access your original data. Matchlight constantly monitors for the appearance of your data without increasing your exposure.

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Fully Automated

Most intel providers rely heavily on human analysts to detect and identify threats; increasing costs and limiting coverage. Matchlight runs on a big data infrastructre designed to detect your exact data - covering more ground in less time.